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My old home base.

I first went up in a single engine 172 here back in 7th grade for career day, flown by none other than Ohio aviation legend Norm Crabtree. I learned to fly many years later at the same airport. OSU (Don Scott to us locals,) has everything you need in an airport: lots of ground and maintenance facilities, a well operated tower, and runways that point in almost any direction you want. There used to be a restaurant on the field, but that has changed hands enough times since I flew out of there that I don't know if it's still around. Lots of flying clubs and private owners are still based here along with some impressive corporate traffic including the WCMH4 helicopter, Wendy's International, Cardinal Health, etc. OSU can be a busy airport at times with all the student traffic, corporate traffic, locals and transients, but it a great learning environment and a great place to call home.

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Best Wings Weekend anywhere!

Not sure if it is still being hosted, but local legend Martha Lunken used to organize an annual Wings Weekend event at Butler County. I would fly in annually from OSU (who now hosts their own similar event, but I enjoyed the simple flight down to build up cross country time.) Was a fantastic event. Instructors donated their time to help keep pilots safe as part of the FAA's Wings program, which counted as a biannual review. All you paid for was your flight time (they even paired you up with a plane if you drove in.)

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Cheapest AVGAS in Ohio!

Trained here a *lot* (home airport was KOSU), solo'ed here, took my practical here. Countless touch and goes. This is *the* place to buy AVgas in central Ohio...cheapest bar none. (Usually a quarter or more less per gallon than any of the airports closer to Columbus.)

Say hi to Roscoe, the friendly airport dog, if he's still out there...

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C172 rentals, self service fuel.

Was down in NC for vacation, decided to check out in and rent a 172 to give some friends a short tour of the southern NC coast. The check out instructor was nice and pointed out many sightseeing and local landmarks. Check-out was a *little* longer than I felt necessary, but again, was partly a sightseeing tour.

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Not the most friendly airport ever...

Flew in one to buy a flight bag from the FBO on-field, and was unpleasantly surprised at the brusqueness of the local pilots. It is a small, lumpy-bumpy strip with no visibility end to end (due to the grade) and very limited taxi space. The locals there, at least the one time I was flew in, seemed to barely tolerate visiting traffic. Granted its a private airport, but sheesh....lighten up, guys.

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Flying Turtle Restaurant on-field.

One of my favorite $100 hamburger trips. Good restaurant (popular with locals,) and home to an ANG base. You can usually see some big KC-130s and occasionally something a bit faster out on the tarmac.

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Eagle's Nest Restaurant on-field (sort of.)

Eagle's Nest restaurant is a very short walk (hundred yards or less.) Good food, good service.

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Fantastic diner on field. Pies for miles!

Great food, service and PIES at this local hotspot in Urbana. Get there early for a seat on weekends.

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Restaurant on field.

Can't say the Italian dish I had there was great, but I'd go back to try something else another time.

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Small diner counter, friendly staff. Customs port of entry.

Very small but friendly grill on site. This airport is a US Customs Port of Entry from Canada. I believe there might be a shuttle available to Cedar Point, the best amusement park in the country.

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JP's Barbeque on field. banner towing ops during OSU footbal

Decent ribs and BQ chicken on field.

Fun to watch banner towing during OSU football (if you aren't watching the game, that is.)