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Professional and Accomodating Staff

What else is there to say. If you have to stay at an airport, this is one of the better ones because of the staff. Friendly, professional, helpful. Made our stay great.

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Tie Downs

There is a cable stapled to the apron running length-wise roughly centred which is presumably for tying air planes down. There are also some concrete blocks with eyelets that can be dragged to tie down the tail.

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Fly-to BBQ

About 15 minute walk from the airport, across fields, this park has picknick tables and fixed BBQs. There is a beach, change rooms and washroom facilities, but when I was there the washrooms were closed, and the beach was the sole preserve of Canada Geese and seagulls. We were still able to have a nice afternoon BBQ though.

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Spectrum Airways

A great family business which includes a maintenance facility with energetic and helpful mechanics. One of the best places I've overnighted with my plane.