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This needs a link to NOTAMs

No link to NOTAMs:

!MCN 01/611 D73 OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1036263) 334827.00N0834657.00W (4.7NM WNW D73) 1141.7FT (259.8FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1901280534-1902120434



!MCN 01/001 D73 OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1042958) 334243.00N0834154.00W (4.3NM S D73) 1268.0FT (408.1FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE 1901010021-1902012359

!MCN 10/092 D73 NAV JNM NDB OUT OF SERVICE 1810241141-1904242111EST

!MCN 01/108 D73 NAV JNM NDB NOT MNT 1701031744-PERM

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NDB ARA frequency change

Araracuara NDB ARA 365 kHz changed frequency July 2007 to 385 kHz.

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Ediz Hook NDB K ident changed to NOW

Ediz Hook NDB K 338 kHz ident changed to NOW Jan 2019.

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NDB YSL Decommissioned

NDB YSL 404 decommissioned 7Dec17.

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Airpark Closed in 2017?

AWWS - NOTAM - nav canada



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NDB Plovdiv P 537kHz Ident Changed

P 537 Ident changed to PD 2Jul18

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NDB GL 375 BANGU LOM not listed here for GLR

GL 375 BANGU LOM 45 00 53 N, 084 48 30W 1385ft for Rwy 09.

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NDB FHR 284 Lat/Lon in Error

Actual L/L for FHR is N 48 30 44 x W 123 01 26 south of Rwy34 ~ 1905ft.

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PHG 368 Phillipsburg NDB decommissioned

Decom Mar 2015

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NDBs Have Been Decommissioned

The NDBs below local to KGTE Gothenburg, have been decommissioned:

BBW 265 Jun09

BUB 377 Feb06

DWL 353 31May13

HDE 396 Nov12

RBE 341 Aug14

RRX 326 15Jan14

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EWK NDB Decommissioned

EWK 281 NDB decommissioned 17Aug14.

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Ediz Hook K NDB is 338 kHz not 317 kHz

Ediz Hook was a marine NDB on 317 kHz but the frequency was changed to 338 kHz May 2010. Ident is still "K" - the last single letter NDB in the USA!

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Sebago NDB 227 kHz Decommissioned

Sebago NDB last log 3/14. NDB transmitter removed prior to 6/18

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Alpine County NDB Decommissioned

NDB BWR 412 kHz decommissioned May 2018.

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OF CARSY 510 kHz Decommissioned

Decommissioned 2 Jan 2018

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Why is there no NOTAMs link for F44?

Why is there no NOTAMs link for F44?

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SG 341 kHz DOMAN Decommissioned

Decommissioned 4 Aug 2017

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KANAN NDB CCC 335 kHz is Back on Air!

Back on air 26 Aug 2017! Was decommissioned 30 Jun 17 and was off air previously. Had a history of going off air.

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KANAN NDB CC 335 kHz Decommissioned

CC 335 decommissioned 30 June 2017

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BR 233 kHz Brandon Decommissioned

Decommissioned 15 Jun 2017

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NDB AN BOING 245 kHz Decommissioned

Decommissioned Apr 2007.

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NDB DEORO 210 kHz Decommissioned

Decommissioned Feb 2009.

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New NDB at Jaguaruna Airport

JGN 280 kHz 28 40 44 S, 049 04 00 W

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Neubrandenburg NDB NRG 357 kHz Withdrawn

Withdrawn 28May15

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ZIN 376 kHz Great Inagua Off Air - Decommissioned?

Last heard 12/16. No NOTAM's seen.


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SG 341 kHz DOMAN Off Air - Decommissioned???

Last heard 10/16. No NOTAMs seen.

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New NDB - RUM 320 kHz

RUM 320 on air March 2017 Rwy 26. 47 16 33 N, 011 27 54 E