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Don't land here yourself, multiple times

Ignore the spammer. This is very much a private airport, and this is a gentle reminder that inclusion on this website does not imply that any facility is open to public access or safe for landing. Please check with local authorities or the property owner (if applicable) before attempting to land anywhere that is not a known public airport.

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My Experience

Very small, but very nice.

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Tiny but Nice Las Trancas Airport.

Las Trancas Airport Is A Very Tiny Airport in many ideas, Its just a dirt airsrip off of Highway 1, However, Las Trancas Is A Nice Airport, And I want others to know that it is a tiny airport, Since it is so Small, The airport is only limited to Piston Single And Piston Agricultural Aircraft. I want to try buying a plane and landing on the rather tiny airstrip myself, but well not yet... It's right next to a Lumber yard off of Highway One thats right next to the airport, The Airport is a nice airport, but its unknown, Even to Locals Of Davenport! It dosen't even has its own wikipedia Page!

The Airport has a nice but very tiny building thats Clearly Visible When Driving On Highway 1 because it has a wind measuring cone on the top. Its Very Small.

Ideas With the airport:

Buy A Piston Single Or Piston Agricultural Plane And Land Here Yourself, if you want, land here multiple times.

When the place is not used, Help develop the runway by possibly painting it or making it wider by clearing off the grass.

Maybe Add Some Lights, So The Cabrillo Highway Travellers Can See The Beautiful Airport, Also Maybe A Generator.

Idk, reply 2 this comment and give more ideas on what to do with the airport or more facts about the Las Trancas airport.

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aka 6q6?

I've run into some references online (including a logbook) that refer to this airport as 6Q6

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re: aka 6q6?

That seems to be a former identifier - I've added it to the keywords.

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First plane!!

I'm a super big fan of this airport, as I attend university several miles away. Years ago, I discovered this small, remote, unheard of, 1500 foot dirt landing strip while flying around on the Microsoft Flight Simulator. I have never seen any airplane land on this strip, ever! It is quite possibly the loneliest airport, ever! Local residents use the strip as a place to exercise their dogs. In fact, several months back, my family and I had a nice picnic on the runway, which resembles more of a driveway, or an unmaintained dirt road then a designated spot for aircrafts to land. I'd estimate that you could count on your fingers the amount of air traffic that this airport sees every year. Anyways, I was driving back from a run I had in Rancho Del Oso State Park yesterday, when to my amazement, I saw a Cessna 170 taxiing along the runway. I slammed on the breaks, and stopped on the side of the road, to get a glimpse of a plane taking off from an airport I thought I'd never see used for its intended purpose. I have to say, it was AMAZING! This airport is now my favorite airport, by far! When I become a pilot of my own, I'll be this airport's number #1 visitor.

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My favorite strip, and the only reason I keep my plane.

Use with permission only! Not a public airfield!


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re: Great!

Is this your airstrip? I saw what appeared to be a Cessna 170 taking off from that strip a few weeks ago. It was some type of older tail-dragger. Was that yours?

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