Las Trancas Airport
Davenport, California, United States

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re: aka 6q6?

That seems to be a former identifier - I've added it to the keywords.

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aka 6q6?

I've run into some references online (including a logbook) that refer to this airport as 6Q6

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re: Great!

Is this your airstrip? I saw what appeared to be a Cessna 170 taking off from that strip a few weeks ago. It was some type of older tail-dragger. Was that yours?

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My favorite strip, and the only reason I keep my plane.

Use with permission only! Not a public airfield!


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First plane!!

I'm a super big fan of this airport, as I attend university several miles away. Years ago, I discovered this small, remote, unheard of, 1500 foot dirt landing strip while flying around on the Microsoft Flight Simulator. I have never seen any airplane land on this strip, ever! It is quite possibly the loneliest airport, ever! Local residents use the strip as a place to exercise their dogs. In fact, several months back, my family and I had a nice picnic on the runway, which resembles more of a driveway, or an unmaintained dirt road then a designated spot for aircrafts to land. I'd estimate that you could count on your fingers the amount of air traffic that this airport sees every year. Anyways, I was driving back from a run I had in Rancho Del Oso State Park yesterday, when to my amazement, I saw a Cessna 170 taxiing along the runway. I slammed on the breaks, and stopped on the side of the road, to get a glimpse of a plane taking off from an airport I thought I'd never see used for its intended purpose. I have to say, it was AMAZING! This airport is now my favorite airport, by far! When I become a pilot of my own, I'll be this airport's number #1 visitor.

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