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Latest for Greenbank ... from a flying in visitor

I flew into Greenbank airport on Sunday 24 September 2017. The main runway (Turf) was cut and serviceable. Marked by orange cones ... As far as (06/24) is concerned - It is gone.

There were a few aircraft parked on the field.

There is NO fuel. I attempted to get some - four times. The pump worked but the tanks were dry.

Fortunately I took my 2 gallon Jerry-can from my baggage compartment and walked to the nearby Shell Gas station and bought some MoGas. 3 trips.

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Airport closed - full time landfill site

This fill activity, and others undertaken locally by the same operators under similar circumstances, has been -by several nautical miles!- the largest single provocation and instigator of changes to the way TC oversees the construction or expansion of aerodromes in I had to go see.

There are a couple of old airplanes onsite along with the remaining threads of a windsock blowing in the wind.

The fuel pumps are still there, but not functional and in terrible disrepair. The pilot lounge no longer exists.

Airport is listed in CFS as ARCAL-X, but assuming it has not worked in years since almost every single runway marker light is smashed and runway looks very unused and unmaintained - other runways (06/24) removed and filled in.

Access to property is limited to large construction vehicles only which I understand from a driver/hardhat I spoke to amounts to approximately 400 a day....every day...rain or shine.

Unfortunately it looks like an ambitious and promising airport expansion may be the 'bait and switch' some people have predicted.

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Still a nice place

The area is beautiful - but the airport has slowly fallen into disrepair since the accident a few years ago.

Still a nice little airport for a summer diversion to be sure - but not the cheapest fuel in the area any more (both Lindsay and Peterborough are considerably cheaper) ...and during my last few visits (3 of the last 5) the fuel pumps were not working at all. Also - do not count on the ARCAL J working - during my last visit, i spoke with a few of the local tenants who mentioned that it hasn't worked in awhile.

The grass is well kept - and they host a few fly-ins over the summer months. (if you visit during a fly-in, you usually find a nice distinct centerline mowed on 16/34)

Snow removal in the winter is extremely rare (but really nice when it happens).

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re: Still a nice place

The airport was struck by lightning during the big storm a few weeks ago, it took out the runway lights, arcal controller , fuel dispenser circuit board and popped a few circuit breakers.

the repair costs have exceeded $4,000 but all systems are functioning very well now.

The fuel cost is usually lower than surrounding airports and CNP8 is the only one around with Mogas

The airport is a no winter maintenance facility, but it is cleared when the snow is not too heavy

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Best Grass Roots Airport in GTA

I hereby award Greenbank a Best Grass Roots Airport in GTA diploma. :-)

Seriously, this is a great little airport. Two grass runways, both sloped, marked with flags and very well cared of. There is a "secret" flying school there, using a 172, and a 24/7 gas pumps for the local grasshoppers community. No worries if you'll see the birds on the runway - they know this whole GA thing and will let you land or take off without any problems.

Nice and clean FBO, very scenic surroundings (especially in the Autumn), great place to fly in with friends. Such a pity that accident happened to the original airport owner, but an excellent conditions of the airport afterwards are a testament to the great job done.

If ever in doubt which grass strip to fly to East of Toronto, go Greenbank!

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you're kidding right??? I'd have figure at most 400K but then again what do I know... can someone explain to me why it's listed at $2m?

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Greenbank looked to be very well maintained when I stopped in this spring.

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re: Wow!

I fully's too shame we lost its owner!

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