Kapuskasing Airport
Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada

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About the airport and Kapuskasing

Came here on 2009-09-12 for a Hope Air flight in low IMC, right at minima.

There are three significant buildings at the airport. From left to right, looking from the apron, they are: (1) an older white building, which apparently houses the airport's weather observer, (2) a newer building which is the main terminal, and (3) an older building a bit further to the right, which is the Kapuskasing Flying Club. You can tie down for free on the grass at the Flying Club -- the chains are marked with pylons. Even in bad weather, there are a lot of people hanging around the flying club on the weekend -- they're very friendly, and sometimes monitor the traffic frequency (there's no official FSS or Unicom): on my way in, they gave me a warning about a big flock of geese.

I'd originally planned to stay at the Comfort Inn or Super 8, but they're far out of town on the opposite side from the airport. The Park Inn is on Highway 11 (called Government Rd.) just a three or four blocks south of the town's business district and about 5 km from the airport, next door to a 24-hour Tim Horton's (like the American Dunkin Donuts chain, but far more popular) -- the Park Inn is nothing special, but it's clean and inexpensive ($64/night in September with the AAA/CAA discount). The town's business district is centred around "The Circle", a traffic circle with a park in the middle and nice shops etc. around the outside. The shops continue for a block or so on each of the spoke roads.

Unusually for a small Northern Ontario town, Kapuskasing is nice and walkable, with decent sidewalks -- there's even a coffee shop/bistro called "Back to the Grind" on the north side of The Circle. Beware that things close early, though: after 6:00 pm on a Saturday, even the big supermarket is shut down, and you're pretty-much limited to Tim's or the bars.

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As of Friday 1 November 2007, 100LL fuel at Pepco (Esso) was CAD 1.344/liter + tax. There is a callout charge between 5pm and 8am, but no extra charges during the day.

Pepco (Esso): (705) 335-0872

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No fees

According to the airport manager (by phone, Thursday 1 November 2007) there are no fees for private aircraft, not even for overnight parking.

Airport: (705) 335-2611

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First GPS Approach to Minimums

I flew my Baron into Kap for a Hope Air mission in 2004. I took Simon Garrett from Rockliffe along for the company and some Multi-IFR experience. We filed IFR which was a good thing since it was IMC from North Bay to Kap. We flew the GPS Approach to minimums and taxied to the terminal in heavy rain. Then we had to wake up our passenger who fell asleep departing Ottawa. At least he had confidence in our abilities.

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