Fullerton Municipal Airport

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Fullerton Municipal Airport is the home base for 2 OurAirports members. It has had 42 visitors.

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Curtiss Wright

Pumps inspections

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Fullerton A/P

Fullerton is a great all around GA A/P. No real traffic problems and when you get on the ground facilities are excellent

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re: Disneyland?

I think Long Beach (LGB) has better facilities, but I'm not sure of the costs. I have a friend who did flight training there a while ago, so it at least used to be GA-friendly, but things might have changed.

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I'm interested whether this is the best GA airport for a day trip to Disneyland. Comments?

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re: Disneyland?

This is the best airport for small GA for Disneyland from what I heard. We used it and liked it a lot!

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