EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg

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EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg is the home base for 7 OurAirports members. It has had 116 visitors.

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(no subject)


Since this is the only airport in this case, I suggesting creating 2 entries for this airport:

BSL/LSZM for the Swiss part

MLH/LFSB for the French part

or adding a field : "Other/Former codes" with a list of comma-separated other codes (currently sometimes in "Keywords")

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Multiple IATA/ICAO codes

According to Wikipedia (and verified in IATA code search) this airport has three active IATA codes: "BSL (Basel) is the Swiss code, MLH (Mulhouse) is the French code and EAP (EuroAirport) is the neutral code."

Is there a good way to store all three values in the IATA field? Maybe all three codes separated by delimiting characters something like "BSL/EAP/MLH"? Or must there only be one IATA code?

It also appears to have two ICAO codes: LFSB and LSZM.

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re: Multiple IATA/ICAO codes

Reply to @dmomper: Right now, there's no capability, but I've added "LSZM" and the extra IATA codes to the keywords, so that they'll at least show up in searches.

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LFSB is the homebase of Motorfluggruppe Basel

Visit us in the General Aviation sector ("zone nord") or on the web.

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Info frq

changed to 130.900 (was 121.250)

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Hi, please correct IATA-Code for Basel. It should be BSL not BAS.

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Pls change Runway-Idents from 16/34 to 15/33 (since several years changed!)

Great work!

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Changed. Thank you very much for the update.

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