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According to Navigraph, this landing/runway is 3050 m / 10.007' !

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Welcome Zoufftgen!

As flying member of this airfield near Luxembourg, it had to be present on !

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(no subject)


Since this is the only airport in this case, I suggesting creating 2 entries for this airport:

BSL/LSZM for the Swiss part

MLH/LFSB for the French part

or adding a field : "Other/Former codes" with a list of comma-separated other codes (currently sometimes in "Keywords")

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re: Multiple IATA/ICAO codes

Reply to @dmomper: Right now, there's no capability, but I've added "LSZM" and the extra IATA codes to the keywords, so that they'll at least show up in searches.

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re: new info

Reply to @Jan_Olieslagers: Updated the airport name and code, and added a link to the Wikipedia article.

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The place to fly

Chambley is open to civil air trafic ultralight, planes, helicopters are welcome since 2010, AVGAS, JET A1, UL91 are avialable, a restaurant and a maintenance station for aircraft are on the field. there are no landing fees for the moment. Chambley is the location of the biggest hot air ballon meeting of the world : 456 ballons taking off in the same time in july 2017.

webcam :

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viva LFOK

LFOK is my favorite cargo airport at the time of our An-124 activity years .

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An-124 just arrived

for what purpose?

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Multiple IATA/ICAO codes

According to Wikipedia (and verified in IATA code search) this airport has three active IATA codes: "BSL (Basel) is the Swiss code, MLH (Mulhouse) is the French code and EAP (EuroAirport) is the neutral code."

Is there a good way to store all three values in the IATA field? Maybe all three codes separated by delimiting characters something like "BSL/EAP/MLH"? Or must there only be one IATA code?

It also appears to have two ICAO codes: LFSB and LSZM.

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new info

Previous comment seems no more valid: the field has now been assigned an ICAO code LFJY and is home to at least one aeroclub.

Info from

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Airport closed

This airport is closed since 08/01/2011

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Please note that this is a former NATO airbase. It is now closed and used from time to time for hot balloons shows.


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LFSB is the homebase of Motorfluggruppe Basel

Visit us in the General Aviation sector ("zone nord") or on the web.

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Yutz field closed

Sadly closed in 2013. Local pilots hope to create an ULM runway one day.

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Nice airport close to city, cheap restaurants/hotels on/clos

Strictly forbidden to overfly the city.

Follow motorways East or West of Colmar when arriving or departing south. No direct approach RWY 01.

West pattern available if granted by CTL. Take care of helis to/from Hospital SW of the city.

If no ATS, only french langage possible, take care of changing opening times of ATS.

Many hotels and restaurants on/close the airport, bus and taxi to join the city.

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Only medical emergency helis granted

Hospital heliport. No other helis granted

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MIL airport closed

MIL airport closed. Runway unusable. Landing prohibited. No more navaids, radio or anything else.

Take care of unhumaned planes and MIL helicopters.

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NDB SE 412 kHz Not Listed

NDB SE 412 kHz Entzheim is not listed here for this airport. 48 35 20 N, 07 42 53 E ~467ft for Rwy 23.

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re: LFSY is no longer Chaumont but CESSEY

Fixed the name and moved the marker.

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re: BA128

Reply to @david:

1. Metz Frescaty is LFSF. I'm not sure that it is closed. The air base is closed but I believe there are still flying clubs there.

2. Nancy Essey is not closed. It is fully active with a nice ILS approach: LFSN. Simply there is no more commercial liners.

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LFSY is no longer Chaumont but CESSEY

LFSY is no longer "Chaumont" but "CESSEY Baigneux les Juifs" !!!

DΓ©partement : 21 (CΓ΄te-d'Or - Bourgogne) / Altitude :1300 pieds (1300 pieds) / Hardsurface runway 07/25 1360m

LAT / Long : 47.618 / 4.607----- N47 37 05 / E004 36 25

Private airfield, PPR request to Mr Unno, hameau de Cessey, 21450 Jours-lès-Baigneux, phone sur "liste rouge".

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I was stationed there

When Chambley AB was closed I was transfered to Etain. At that time it was the 388th TFW but became the 49th TFW. I served in Field mainteance, Engine Buildup as a SSGT. Left in 1959 when the base closed for the first time. W.R. Gardiner

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Info frq

changed to 130.900 (was 121.250)

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No more airfield at LFSR

air base closed

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re: BA128

Thank you. Here's what the Wikipedia article says about LFJL: "It opened to the public on October 28, 1991 and replaced Nancy-Essey and Metz-Frescaty airports."

I'd love to know the locations of the closed airports - we include those in OurAirports, too, with a red "X" icon.

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Metz/Fresaty is closed.......

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Hi, please correct IATA-Code for Basel. It should be BSL not BAS.

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Changed. Thank you very much for the update.

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Pls change Runway-Idents from 16/34 to 15/33 (since several years changed!)

Great work!

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Under redevelopment

This is a former NATO, French, and USAF base. It's currently being redeveloped as a charter and cargo hub.

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