Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur, France

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Airfield position

It's some km more to the west, 3 km East of La Selle d'ANdon

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Rwy is 04/22 instead 05/23

There is an error about the rwy

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Wrong location

Clamensane is located about 10-20 km north...

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You are a VIP when you arrive at LaMôle SaintTropez Airport

We arrived this week twice with the Cirrus SR22T G3. A special Airport Intro is required for foreign Pilots. Handling-Crew and all Staff here is very Service-orientated. The Airport and environment is beautiful! Do you wish to fly there? I am glad to accompany you as Flight Instructor or SafetyPilot for your first flight there. Just call +4179 6715538.

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Glider base

Landed there as it is just across the fence of the ITER research facility. General impression: busy, windy & French. There are hundreds of sailplanes, several clubs, many hangars, three runways (depends on how you count them). People are very friendly & helpful, but do not expect too much English there. They understand English on the radio but do not reply (neither in English nor in French), so you should look out and behave. No landing fee, no complications, but also no taxi phone numbers, no easy transportation service from the airport to the nearby Manosque. Will come back.

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The airfield

I don't see any aircraft at this "airport". Or marked runways, grass or tarmac for that matter.

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Air France 8969

Marseille is the airport where Air France 8969 hijacking ended....

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Mandatory Training

A mandatory training procedure was put in place at Cannes ( LFMD). Feb_2010

Please visit the website and register.

Cannes is very noise sensitive and you might be checked after landing if you have done the briefing!

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re: Information en detail

I've added the link.

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Information en detail


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Please don't leave any valuables in the bungalows/tents, even if you are just out for dinner or swimming at the pool.

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This place is dear to my heart because this is where I grew up, and most of my family still live here....

About 25 years ago my father had a little 20ft sailboat which was berthed at Port-Saint-Laurent (the marina you can see just west of the airport on the satellite picture). I remember once we were sailing and the Concorde just flew overhead on short final (it used to come every year in May for the Cannes festival and Monaco GP, one year there were five of them parked on the tarmac). I still remember this magic roar ! Simply out of this world !

I subsequently saw Concorde take off or land in CDG, LHR and JFK, but nothing beat that memory. I always wanted to fly on Concorde but unfortunately that will never happens, however I feel privileged for having seen (and heard) it in flight.

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