Brittany, France

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Excellent light aviation destination. Tower opening hours notamed LPV approach on 24 Customs 24 hour notice Excellent Routier restaurant

Taxi can be booked or hire car.

St Brieuc really excellent town real Provincial France and very friendly people.

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Runway 04-22 is closed on LFRQ, has been for a very long time, probably 20 years or so !

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Best lunch

The terminal building is sometimes open, if not then you don't pay landing fees. If no ATC then you have to speak French & close your flight plan by calling Rennes or Brest. There is a gate at the left side of terminal, the current code is 1970 then lunch at the Routier café 2 mins walk to the right, (spot the lorries!) Excellent value @ 13euros including wine, not that you will be drinking...

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Terminal closure

Went this week and terminal openish! Chambre de commerce man there to pay landing fee to & bar open.

When terminal closed there is a side gate if you can get the code from someone & then get a fantastic Relais meal two mins walk from front door, 12/50euros for 4 courses, exceptional value.

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great airfield

With friendly helpful staff, handy for Belle isle, and the food in the harbour of Quiberon is first class.

Reasonable fuel prices.and landing charges.

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The terminal has been closed - it appears to operate as an a

I met a commercial pilot at the flying club, he landed expecting the terminal facilities to be available, but was surprised to find a lesser facility. The pilot was from an airport only 100nm away, but not know of the terminal closure!

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re: Rochefort ???

Thanks - that must have been in the original data source. I've corrected it, based on the French Wikipedia article.

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Rochefort ???

Err. No. Nowhere near Rochefort, which is in the South of France, typo there methinks.


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