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Полетна информация летище София

Излиташи и пристигащи полети на летище София

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re: Balchik airport location

Corrected -- thank you.

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NDB Plovdiv P 537kHz Ident Changed

P 537 Ident changed to PD 2Jul18

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Balchik airport location

About 10km North of Varna province. Probably in Dobrich province.

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Both 27 and 09 are Cat III B

09 was upgraded not long ago.

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Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport

it would be just great for thousands of home owners and for developing and growing of whole vt region. i would fly to GOZ from DUB or any UK airport few times a year.

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i have signed a petition on opening this airport to regular users.there must be thousands of people that would use this and not have to travel nearly 3 hours to get to veliko tarnovo from sofia.come on us expats.

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Another NDB at Plovdiv

Another NDB is at Plovdiv: PDV 450 N42 02 11 E 24 54 24 212masl

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re: Autoland

Auto Landing?

If you mean ILS approach, yes they do. Only 10% are visual approaches. Runway 27 is ILS CAT IIIA an RWY 09 is CAT I. CAT IIIA is the second best available nowadays. For more information

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airport sofia

this would be a superb airport to fly into for people visiting veliko turnovo region.varna,burgas and sofia are quite a distance.come on lets get this up and running.

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Hi all.

Just wondering why aircraft don't do auto landings with all the money that was spent on upgrading the new terminal/runway.

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Cheap flights to Radomir/Bulgaria - a cheaper alternative to

It will be perfect when Ryanair will also offer soonest cheap flights to Radomir, which is very close to the health/spa city Kjustendil, the city of Pernik, the Blagoevgrad area, the recreational areas of lake Pchelina and lake Studena with some rural tourism and of course the City of Sofia.

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Under redevelopment

This is the former Shtruklovo Air Base, closed in 1999 and now under redevelopment as a civilian airport to serve Ruse.