Bogotá Capital District, Colombia

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re: yo trabajo ahy

saludos, usted sabe si Guaymaral tiene servivcios de combustible?

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Good airport

This is a pleasant, modern, and efficient airport. We had to wait a few minutes for a gate (because we'd landed 35 minutes early), but it wasn't nearly as bad as what I've experienced at YYZ or LAX. After landing, I was through immigration and customs much faster than I would be in a Canadian or US airport, and everyone was friendly and efficient. The car ride into the city was much nicer than, say, the urban blight you seen driving in from Newark.

One tip: travel guides say that it's best to order a car or taxi in Bogotá, rather than just getting into one. I don't know if that applies at the airport as well, but it's not expensive (it cost me about $25 for a car and driver from the airport into the Parque 93 district).

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yo trabajo ahy

me desempeño como despachador aereo en este aeropuerto y me gustaria relacionarme con mas gente que tambien trabaje en este aeropuerto.

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