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Per Wikipedia

TXL saw its last flight on 8 November 2020 after all traffic had been transferred gradually to the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport until this date. It has been legally decommissioned as an airfield after a mandatory transitional period on 4 May 2021. All government flights were also relocated to the new airport with the exception of helicopter operations which will stay at a separate area on the northern side of Tegel Airport until 2029.

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Still open (2019)

If flew in again this spring. Yes, it's still here. The airport is a bit shabby and run-down, but you can't beat it for convenience—just a quick short distance away from the centre of the city.

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Open space

I visited the park on the old airport site today. I'm sad that it closed, but it's still worth a visit: people use the runways for cycling, jogging, rollerblading, and kite-surfing, and for a pilot (or aviation fan), it's interesting being able to walk up to the hold-short line for 27R, then on along the runway.

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Ground transportation

I landed at Tegel this week, so clearly it's still open, despite the comment I left 7 1/2 years ago. As the Wikipedia article mentions, walking distances are extremely short — in less than 5 minutes, I was off the plane and in a cab.

A taxi to my hotel near the Heinrich-Heine Straße U-Bahn station was €35, which is a bit pricey. I have since discovered that there is an express bus "TXL" that takes 41 minutes from Alexanderplatz to Tegel (or vice versa). Details here:

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Berlin THF Airport

Other capitols BUILD airports to be fast in the centre (e.g. London)- this one was closed down....

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Steinstuecken Helipad

I guess the US finally did something, where were they in June 1953 when we were totally cut off from West Berlin for about ten weeks when the Russians marched in during the East German uprising. It wasn't great to be treated as animals thereafter either nor hearing East Germans being shot by Russians soldiers either. May they rest in Peace.

Ray Rose -

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Helipad in Steinstücken

Steinstücken was west-exclave in DDR. This helipad was used by US army from 1961 to 1989.

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Scheduled to close

Along with Berlin-Tempelhof (THF), Tegel is scheduled to be replaced by an expanded Berlin-Schönefeld (SXF -- to be renamed "Berlin-Brandenburg International" around 2011). Tegel and Tempelhof are actually in Berlin, while Schönefeld is further out of town, in the former East Germany.

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Tempelhof is scheduled to be closed in October 2008.

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