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Lighting system and signs for EDDF

could someone help me and tell me where I could find the types of RWY and taxiway lights and the infos about sings for EDDF all RWYs and all taxiways?

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Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is a major international airport located in Frankfurt, the fifth-largest city of Germany and one of the world's leading financial centres. It is operated by Fraport and serves as the main hub for Lufthansa, including Lufthansa CityLine and Lufthansa Cargo as well as Condor and AeroLogic. The airport covers an area of 2,300 hectares of land and features two passenger terminals with capacity for approximately 65 million passengers per year; four runways; and extensive logistics and maintenance facilities.

Frankfurt Airport is the busiest airport by passenger traffic in Germany as well as the 4th busiest in Europe after London–Heathrow, Paris–Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The airport is also the 13th busiest worldwide by total number of passengers in 2016, with 60.786 million passengers using the airport in 2016. In 2017, Frankfurt Airport handled 64.5 million passengers and nearly 70 million in 2018. It also had a freight throughput of 2.076 million metric tonnes in 2015 and is the busiest airport in Europe by cargo traffic. As of summer 2017, Frankfurt Airport serves more than 300 destinations in 5 continents, making it the airport with the most direct routes in the world.

The southern side of the airport ground was home to the Rhein-Main Air Base, which was a major air base for the United States from 1947 until 2005, when the air base was closed and the property was acquired by Fraport. The airport celebrated its 80th anniversary in July 2016.

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Frankfurt Airport (FRA) - Arrivals and Departures

Check out arrivals and departures time tables from Munich Airport:

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) - Arrivals


Frankfurt Airport (FRA) - Departures


Watch the Munich Airport airtraffic in real-time:


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Grass air strip in beautiful surroundings ...

EDFT is a small local grass airfield right in the middle of Vogelsberg, one of the most beautiful and "flight worthy" parts of Germany. Fly in to sight-see or chat with us, we would be more than happy to welcome you.

We have a 680m grass landing strip in mint condition, MTOW 2000 kg for air planes and 4700 kg for helicopters. Local frequency is 122,175, call sign is lauterbach.info. Open SAT/SUN 14h MET to SS, other times PPR. We have MOGAS, but NO AVGAS and various non-alcoholic drinks and small snacks are available at nominal cost, Lodging is available in immediate vicinity and there is MUCH to see ...

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The historic home of gliding world-wide

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Nice airport, but...

Very nice airport but if you are flying in a private aircraft make sure to land on the right runway cause one is abandoned.

Landed here in FlightGear.

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Friendly staff

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Bolt here come

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Invalid airport details of EDVK - Kassel/Calden Germany

There are still the old invalid details of the closed R/W 04/22 (old airport) in Your info published - maybe itΒ΄s time after almost 3 years to correct it. Thanks

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It is a Place To be

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Nice glider airfield

Very nice glider airfield with ample of space, (gas) runway in four directions and a historic water fortress with a prison in it. Althogh quite fa distance from Frankfurt, the academical gliding club of Goethe University (Akaflieg Frankfurt) has its homebase there as well as the local gliding club FSV Schwalm.

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New Runway

The actual runway is 09/27, 2500m.

The old runway 04/22 is not in use anymore.

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Private License here in 1973

This is where I learned to fly, from an instructor names Bob Buch.

Many of my best flights originated from here.

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Nice field close to Frankfurt

Strange combination of a CTR and uncontrolled field. Radar information comes from EDDF in the CTR but no positive control; only information for the guys in the tower. No ILS. Have to cancel when the field is in view. Had some horrific crashes on the approach from the east due to a rise in a forest that is basically invisible. Awesome restaurant and pleasant ground staff. S-Bahn takes you to downtown Frankfurt in about 30 minutes and EDDF is only a few minutes away with train or taxi. Home to Netjets.

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New RWY 09-27 , 04-22????

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Nordenbeck Airport disused


the Nordenbeck Airport is no longer available. The airstrip is now farmland.

See also OpenStreetMap

With very sincerely,

Altenhein M., Waldeck

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it is busyy

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Free coffee and hot chocolate

Lufthansa supplies free self-serve coffee and hot chocolate in their waiting area. The cups are tiny, but you can get as many refills as you want, and the machine makes a wide variety of coffee types. If only they offered free WiFi as well ...

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History: Berlin Air Lift

The Berlin Air Lift, "Operation Vittles", started here in 1948 with USAAF C-47 and C-54 cargo planes flying supplies into the now-closed Berlin-Templehof airport. Rhein-Main Air Base joined as the main C-54 depot, and the British flew missions from several bases in the Hamburg area. France joined the airlift later.

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History: Rhein-Main Air Base

The southern half of the field was originally the Rhein-Main Air Base, which was the main hub for U.S. military airlifts in and out of Europe (it closed in 2005). It was also one of the main departure points for the Berlin Airlift, serving as the principal C-54 depot.

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Very efficient

Like many things in Germany, this airport was efficient. Visited it in 1991, first time on the Continent, and I was shocked to see peach-fuzz faced boys in uniform casually holding Uzis, leaning against a wall keeping an eye on everyone.

I was disappointed not to get a stamp on my Canadian passport, as the customs officials just waved us through, possibly glancing at the cover of my passport with its regal coat of arms and assuming I was British, and therefore an EU citizen.

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