Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

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double entry

The actual field is a bit to the north west, and is duly mentioned in this database under its correct ICAO code of EDHP.

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TV Filming in Lübeck


I am looking for some airfield for TV-filming early on July.

Can you recommend some person who to talk about this?

Best wishes,

Henna Ilmonen

Production Coordinator

+358 445 300677

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Nice field near beach

The field is only a few km from nice beaches.

Runway 27 downwards a bit, but runways always cut like a golf field!

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Grass strip north of Lübeck

Always very short grass strip, 500m light slope to the west

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Mooney Landing 04/10/08

Fly into Husum-Schwesing to see my brother at his birthday with my Mooney 252, N228RM. Very friendly airport staff serving us coffee.

I can really recommend this airport!


Karl-Heinz Zahorsky (

Commercial Pilot, MEI

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