Puerto Plata Province, Dominican Republic

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re: luggage inspection

They can go through it after you pick it up because you don't go through customs until you have your luggage in hand. I have gone through customs there many times and have never had my luggage checked. Maybe you looked a little suspecious to them. Illegal drugs are not allowed in the country; there not allower in the Us and Canadas either. You will be arrested.

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luggage inspection

Why do they go throught our luggage after we pick it up off the luggage carosall and do they have the right to take things out of it and is there a list of things we cannot bring into the country.

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re: Emergency Landing

Reply to @Cougar20:

OMG - what if that was your Granny, Mother, Sister, or Auntie? Is your life that horrible that you cannot find anything else in your heart to comment on other than you had to wait! What is this world coming too? You honestly need to pray and search for guidance in your life. HONESTLY

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re: Emergency Landing

Reply to @Cougar20: maybe next time it will be our life at risk and youll realize what a jerk you are for complaining about a 2 hour wait

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The captain informed us it would be bumpy on landing. Bumpy as in severe turbulence bumpy. We made it in fine. The airport is more of a shack. Shows you how they did things in the pre computer era. Imagine checking in hundreds of people using stickers and pens. This is in 2005!

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