Samaná Province, Dominican Republic

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"The worst" airport in Dom Rep - Servicewise for General Av

- upon arrival w my CanReg private plane : twelve 12 -I counted- employes surrounding a plane ( Customs,Narco,National police, Turist police, CESA ( local TSA ), "AVIAM Ltd - Rampies " some of them w clip boards" ) like a zombies surprised w " new " arrival ....No smiles or welcome to DR. IT'S NORMAL - DO NOT BE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THAT ! ( I noticed small progress )..On "C" gate every visit of Your plane 1 hr ...local security no power and callin' boss..than boss of the boss DEPARTURE:self called IDAC(local FAA)inspector show up that my FPL needs " corrections" in his office ($?) and when I told him that Miami confirmed my FPL w copy in my hands , the guy "folded tail" and despaired ....New "clip boarders" asking for unpayed? Invoices"FACTURITA $ 20.-" hidenly.nocking on side window even w running engines... ATC = OK got a taxi clearance .....If You pass this experience 3-4 times You are ready to wear Caribbean pilot palm shirt and enjoy aviator life !!!

- As a passenger flight WEST JET Feb 2012 ....I checked 2 empty baggages and got a stickers on my boarding pass ( by local WJ attendant). For second one need to pay extra $20.- and didn't have a cash ( my biggest mistake) ,offered Visa ..even to cashed money in local free shop ...NO...been sent for extra personal check / customs/police intentionally obviosly to lose the flight, after plane was gone everything was ok with smile..what a PERFECT COORDINATION. ..Nex day I took a flight from Porto Plata - Toronto and pick up my baggage ...w explanation of local WEST JET agent that computer showing " passenger didn't show up on time..." Sad,sad so sad.. But optimism is the key for this airport- final answer ! DOOLAY

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Westjet inaugural flight

Departed from El Catey airport June 2010 headed for Toronto then on to Calgary. Fantastic airport and what a relief from using Puerto Plata and then driving so far. Just wait for the new road to be completed and time to Las Terrenas will be even shorter again. Samana will no longer be the worlds best hidden secret. Visit me at my restaurant in Las Terrenas by sending me an email Paradise in paradise.

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