Beheira Governorate, Egypt

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Asking for old ICAO code

What was the old ICAO code for Jiyanklis Air Base before HEGS when USAF was operating it?

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My father HC Tregoning(1927-2013) was based at Gianaclis with 27th Squadron SAAF in 1944-1945 flying Vickers Waricks so this is a very old base ❓

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WW2 Airbase

My dad (1921-2006) served most of WW2 at Gianaclis airbase in Egypt, installing and maintaining radar in the planes.

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Isn't this a former RAF station from WW2?

Whilst the Americans may claim this as a wonderous overnight creation of theirs, generously funded by the US taxpayer without the slightest hint of ulterior motive, I reckon that Jiyanklis Air Base is actually the site of LG226, part of the former RAF Gianaclis and thus over 70 years old.

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U.S.-built in 2005

According to this story, the base a unit of the U.S.A.F. built this base in only a few days as part of Operation Bright Star (2005), to simulate setting up an emergency air base in combat conditions. Presumably, it was then handed over to the Egyptian Air Force:

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