Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Opened 1/7/2019

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Do not buy perfum from any store.

I went to egypt and on my way back home I bought a Cartier Basha perfum for 100 or 110 US. When I came home it was filled with a similar smell but the smell disappeared in 5 mins. It was fake. Take my advise do not shop at this airport Cairo Airport.

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Official opening 25/4/2019

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Information/photgraph request

Hello, I am a model airplane builder and I am currently working on a model of a Grumman G-73 Mallard flying boat. The Egyptian Air Force Royal Flight operated two of these in the early 1950's during the King Farouk era and I want to paint my model in the scheme of one of these. I can only find two black and white photographs for these airplanes and so I have questions about the colours. The aircraft in question carried the Grumman serial numbers of J-47 and J-48 and were delivered to Egypt in 1950. I am speculating that the colours were of the Egyptian flag but cannot be certain. If anyone has any insight or perhaps a colour photo I would be most grateful.

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Advise about arrival Cairo Airport II

When it comes asking for bakshish or tips. DON'T PAY!

If you are in the taxi and the luggage in the trunk and they ask for tips; leave the taxi and start removing the luggage. It's just pretend because they will then drop the demand for tips right away. You can tip at the other end 10 - 20.00 L. E. if everything went smoothly, it's a long ride and it's very cheap to get from the airport to city center.

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A bit of advice about Cairo Airport.

I have my grave suspicion that the previous comment was written by an airport staff. (The poor spelling and overly positive remarks)

Leaving the plane, getting your visa at one of the banks and getting down to the conveyor belt is quite easy. When you finally leave customs you are met with a plethora of driver-managers with badges and what-not. Ignore them even if they grab your trolley. Cross over the street to the opposite site and descent down to a lower level to the official 'white' taxis. You will get wild quotes for driving to downtown Cairo but a fair price Oct. 2014 is 100.00 Egyptian Pound. You might have to wait a minute but a driver will arrive and accept the price. Make sure you are booked with your name with the policeman sitting next to the taxis.

But remember that you can get your visa at the airport, how many countries gives that easy access to their country?

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Alitalia Flight from Heathrow via Rome enroute to CAIRO iNTE

Upon arrival at Cairo International Airport Terminal i purchased a VISA from the bank. Then while going through customs i was told too have a seat while my passport was kept for over three hours before being given back to me. To add to the grief of missing my taxi service to the hotel. My luggage was no where to be seen on the conveyer belt. After contacting Alitalia head office in London my luggage was located. upon arrival at Alitalia Office at Cairo International Airport two days after, i was told by the rep, i must pay a fee of ten Egyptian pounds for the return of my luggage. My luggage by the way contained my medication for Asthma for which i have been on for the past five years. But i guess they only want their ten Egyptian pounds. The most saddest airline i have ever traveled on. Hope you enjoy the Ten Egyptian Pounds because if i had not gotten that medication i could have died. Big Thanks

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best arrival terminal 3

it took me just 20 minutes to arrive and out of the airport ,you get off the plane, short walk to immigration 10 minute que then short walk to collect your luggage in 10 minutes then a very short walk to customs and you are out , very pleased indeed i have been to so many international airport and need to walk 45 minute to get to immigration in some other airport you need to catch a train to get to your luggage and immigration

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GA in Egypt

October is a great GA airfield with avgas and friendly people. G.A.S.E. can arrange free hangarage and free handling with airport fees waived if member of AOPA or similar organisation.

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