South Sinai Governorate, Egypt

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re: Re: Placename Translation

Reply to @animebirder: I totally disagree, some other places airports in the same country have their aiports names translated and not transliterated like: Port Said, in the local accent people pronounce the name as "porsaid" and another airport western cairo ( It is name is "Sphinx Airport" not "Abu El Hol Airport" - the first name is popular -), so, translation - when it is possible - is better than transliteration.

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Re: Placename Translation

Putting these name convention notes here in lieu of a wiki.

Best practices when listing placenames and names of airports that are based on location are to leave those place names listed in the original language (for example, Puerto Vallarta and not "Port Vallarta", Ras Sedr and not "Cape Sedr", Kuala Lumpur and certainly not "Muddy Confluence").

Military ranks and titles used in the names of airports should be translated where feasible (ie. Colonel rather than Coronel, Marshal and not Marechal etc, but preserve culturally distinctive titles such as Chhatrapati or Shahid). Likewise, the words for airport, heliport, etc. should always be translated and written out (ie. "matar, kuukou, aerodromio, flyplats" etc should be translated); likewise, words like hospital, factory, etc should be translated unless the word is a brand name and familiar in English.

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