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Private airport

This is now a private airport owned by Aero Adventure ( They manufacture amphib ultralights and will allow you to fly into their field for a tour and a test-ride. You will need to contact them first and sign a waiver.

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Very accommodating

Very nice uncontrolled airport close in to downtown Tampa and in the Class Bravo. The FBO is very nice and helpful. They drove us to the Florida Aquarium and then picked us up at the end of our day. Can't beat that.

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Great for training

This is a great airport for training in the Miami area. There are lots of choices from big to small, and heli, too. There are also some low-profile operations that do not advertise so ask around to find out what is there. The airspace is varied also. Class Delta adjoining and right under Class Bravo and uncontrolled X51 is only minutes away.

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Super FBO

Banyan is one of the top FBO's in the country. They have a nice restaurant next to the ramp and an incredible pilot's shop. I found out about Banyan when I rented a plane from a fellow up at FXE. Then went there for breakfast a few weeks ago on a simulated instrument flight. Had to laff when they parked my somewhat tatty C-172M right in front and then guided this huge private jet (like the size of a regional jet) to park right next to us :)

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Memories la la la

This is where I learned to fly many years ago. Don't know if I would go back there now. Landing fee and high ramp fees and high fuel to boot.

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This place has major noise issues and limitations. The old story of build an airport in the sticks then high-end homes go up around it. Flew here to visit a friend after taking up flying again; took three tries to get the plane down (high approach speed and C-172 floaaaat - luckily I had enough sense to go around twice). I had not flown in decades, did a long review, and rented a plane but still needed a lot more practice. I am about 40 - 50 hrs further along now and much better.

Don't get me wrong, tho. The FBO is very nice and the folks there are friendly!

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Florida Keys :)

This was an airport I visited many years ago when I first got my PPL. My best friend had access to a house on the key. Lately I have flown there a couple times on cross-country toward my instrument rating. A nice flight but the FBO was closed each time, I think.

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Shortest public field in South Florida

First, Everglades City is a great destination. Or so I hear. There are great seafood restaurants in town and any of them will pick you up at the airport. The FBO also has bikes for you to use. Unfortunately, I have been here five or so times and and it was always after hours. That is because it was summer in Miami and I flew in the evening. I flew there for the 50nm distance and the short field. It is nice to practice short field landings on an actual short(ish) field. Adds that element of realism :)

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Practice flying in ground effect

This airport has an interesting story (google it) but it is basically a unused runway @ 10,000 ft long! You technically need a permit to use it but my flying club has permits for all its aircraft :)

What I like to do here is fly along the runway in a flare getting a feel for ground effect and drifting the plane from side to side to fine-tune my handling. If there is a crosswind (unfortunately rare) then all the better. At 60 mph that is almost two minutes of practice per run! More than you get on 10 normal landings.

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Great for practice

I like to come down here when the wind is blowing and practice crosswind landings. It is uncontrolled and not very busy and has runways at right angles so if there is a wind, then there is a crosswind runway. Wind in South Florida is usually 090, less often 270.