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Closed effective Nov 30, 2023

This airport will finally be closing at the end of November. See AIC 16/23 for more information.

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Improved Surfaces/Hangars

The runway is now paved! (40' wide), and they are adding a second heated hangar which should be completed in Nov 2020.

When making your radio calls, be sure to use "Steinbach South" Traffic. As "Steinbach" (the other airfield three miles north of this one) shares the same frequency.

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Turf Conditions Were Great

Firm grass, no issues in a cherokee six. Quite the approach into the westerly direction. Amazing views

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Watch out for the construction site on the approach end of 1

Lots of digging and mounds of dirt

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Still Well Maintained

Turf was solid with a few embedded rocks here and there.. There is J-A1 fuel on site, probably for the helicopters. No probs in a Cherokee Six

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Birds everywhere!

Lots of wildlife on the runway in July. Be prepared.

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A great 45 Min Documentary about this Airport

Wendover Productions has done a great job talking about the history and operation of this airport. Check it out:

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The commerative sign.

You can see a sign On the corner of Lakeshore and Hydro Road off the lake shore trail at (43 34' 42.8"N,79 33' 23.3 W).

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Awesome Airport

This airport is awesome! Open on Christmas Eve was a bonus when I dropped by for a quick stop-over. Highly recommend a visit!

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re: re: Missing runway?

The CFS will be updated to include a note in the "caution" section only if the airport operator requests it.

There is no requirement for registered aerodromes to have painted runway markings. Only certified aerodromes need to have them visible.

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re: re: Missing runway?

Reply to @david: I submitted an e-mail from Nav Canada from which I got a reply today. They are looking into it.

I requested that they update the CFS so that they note the runway is unmarked. There is signage at the airport to indicate that it still is an active runway.

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Missing runway?

Is it me or does 05/23 NOT exist? I didn't see any runway numbers and where one would be, the pavement looks pretty beat up. The CFS says it's paved.. but I have my doubt's that is accurate.

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Looks like the airport is closing

Cadillac Fairview will be developing the airport lands.

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Does anyone know if this airport has a cafe or restaurant on site?

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A ATC feed for this airport (Oshawa Tower) is now available for streaming at

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Wow.. that's pretty cool. Handy if your airplane uses mogas ;)

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Demolition of war-time hangars

This site has been designated a Heritage site back in the 90's however, the DND still wants to demolish the hangars and other structures on the airport. More at the Globe and Mail:

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First Hand Update

Polynesian airlines serves this airport with scheduled flights within Samoa and to/from American Samoa.

It was recently closed by the government citing safety concerns according to an American Samoan who I spoke to while waiting to take a flight to the other island of 'Upolu.

Better security and a new runway was installed to meet up with government standards. However, since the reopening of the airport it's been used much less by the public. Perhaps they don't know it's open again? Much better way to get to/from Savai'i/'Upolu than taking the ferry.

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Watch out For Traffic!

Two airplanes have hit tractor trailers while on short final for RWY 16.

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Island Tunnel

Porter is trying to build a tunnel to replace some of the ferry service.

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re: New Policies at YKZ

Reply to @david: Yeah.. YKZ's aprons have always been uncontrolled. I don't know the reason why, because the tower has a clear view of the area. Before you could just call up "on the main apron" and you'd get taxi instructions. But now, the controllers want you to specify exactly where you are on the apron. Makes sense, this way they spend less time looking for you.

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Cute little airport

Dont mistake the road that runs parallel to 32 for the runway. *thats* how narrow the runway is here!

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New Policies at YKZ

These are a little out of date, but thought I would mention it anyways.

1. Taxiing. The main apron (near the terminal) is uncontrolled. It is suggested that you let the ground controller know where you are when calling up, and be specific. Ie, "on the main apron holding short of foxtrot" for example.

2. When you need to talk to London FIC, do so using the RCO and *not* 126.7.

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re: Gananoque Seaplane Base still open?

It is!

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I visited this airport by foot and did a write-up about it in my blog:

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Ice Runway

From the CFS:

Opr win rwy only Jan-Apr. Strength & cond subject to seasonal and/or climatic variations confirm availability.

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Ice Runway

This is an ice runway that is in operation from Jan to Apr only. Check NOTAM for runway condition.

(I think this is the only ice runway in the CFS!)

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Where's Willie?

This airport also houses an environment canada office / weather station. If you head up to the second floor of the main terminal building (where the cafe is) you can go outside on a patio where there are some weather instruments. There is a sunshine recorder and a tool to measure clouds (I can't remember what it was called). Please obey the signs and don't touch them :) I'm sure if you arrive at the right time, you will see them launch a weather balloon to measure the upper winds!

When we landed we were greeted by someone who offered us a ride into town for a bite to eat. We declined as we just needed to use the facilities and make our way back home. Checked out the pilot's lounge... and took a quick look around the terminal building. Signed the guest register (we we approx the 15th visitor in 2009) and headed home.

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Never got to fly here..and the airport is now closed :(

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I'm planning a flight for this weekend to YSB. I will take the notes below in consideration when parking the aircraft.

Just a quick question. Is there a restaurant in the terminal?

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Cool Airport

This airport was super easy to find, since it's right next to highway 400. At night, the airport beacon is not on until you activate the ARCAL. So keep that in mind when trying to find the airport after dark.

Two windsocks at both ends of the runway make finding the active easy!

The flight there during the fall was beautiful especially with the fall colours contrasting against the blue lakes.

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re: Airport now PPR.

I got more information, from Bob Kisin, a member of the Buttonville Flying club:

"I was there yesterday & spoke to a club member. Loch Sloy is a British Company that owns the property. This has long been the case, apparently and the PEFC rents their clubhouse & a hangar from the owners.

The PPR isn't enforced as far as I know (at least on fly-in days). However, because the runways are not maintained in winter, a call regarding current conditions is suggested. Many PEFC planes "live" at other airports in the region."

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Airport now PPR.

I noticed that the owner of the airport has changed. From a NOTAM:



613-399-9076, 613-393-3152 OR 613-476-3064 REG PPR

So looks like the airport is now owned by a private company, and not the Prince Edward Flying Club.

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re: A little run down.


I thought it would be a lot busier than it was. There was one other aircraft behind me that was landing there. Not sure what he was going to do there.

The school might still be up and running, but closed for the summer holidays? This was a t&g so I didn't get a real good glimpse of the place, but I didn't see any other vehicles or aircraft on the field.

It had an "abandoned" feel to it.

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A little run down.

Did a touch and go here. Not much to see but a few boarded up windows. Nobody was manning unicom on a Sunday morning.

Downwind for 27 was pretty being along the lake shore.

The airport is just east of Trentons Control Zone, so don't forget to call them up if you are westbound!

You will find this airport in the CFS under Tyendinaga (Mohawk) airport

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Where's the wind sock?

I arrived after dark, someone was doing circuits on 18, but the weather I got from Wiarton was favoring 36, however it was only at 2knots.

By the time I got there, they were done with their circuit work so I was all alone. I overflew the field, 500' above circuit altitude and trying to find the windsock. From my interpretation of the CFS, it should be closer to the threshold of 36. Alas, I couldn't find it.

I proceeded to land on 18, and on my roll out, found the windsock. It was closer to the middle of the runway, than what the CFS depicted. hmm.. Maybe I should submit a correction?

The runway has a pretty significant slope to it, especially landing on 18.

It was easy to find at night, the beacon was one of the brighter ones I've seen.

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First Visit

This is a great little airport, with two grass strips.

This was easy to spot coming from the east, especially in dusk. Did a full stop, but didn't check out the terminal.

For some reason I found reading the windsock extremely easy from circuit altitude.

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Some Information...

Surprisingly, King City was a small but busy airport considering it's

proximity to Maple Airport (Now Wonderland). Beamish Construction bought

the land in the 1980's and set up shop. If you drive past the area, you can

also make out the control tower located at the south end of the field.

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Easy to find

This airport was extremely easy to find. Just follow the shoreline until you see Jordan Bay. Then bam, it's at your 12 o'clock (if you're coming from the west).

Nice long strip..

Didn't stay, just did a touch and go.

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Tough to find, at night.

For some reason I had a super hard time finding this airport at night coming from the south east.

Did a touch and go to build some night x-country time on runway 27. Tower guy was super friendly.

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This airport is listed in the CFS, however I can't seem to find any photos of what the field looks like.

I would like to visit some family in Cobalt, Ontario and flying to New Liskeard would be ideal.

Is this airport still available, or has it been abandoned?

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Touch and Go

Just did a touch and go on a x-country from Buttonville. After reading these comments I wish I stayed and checked out the terminal. Maybe next time.

Sunday afternoon, was pretty busy. 3 or 4 people doing their thing in the circuit.

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First Visit

This was my first time to Burlington.. it was a busy airport, a few people during circuits. Unicom girl was helpful and I later found out was cute as hell.

Nice terminal with windows all around so you can see activity on all the runways.

I couldn't find a pilot registry to sign or anything...

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Challenging Approach/Landing

This was the first time landing at an aiport with a "shorter" runway (~2500'). The worst landing I've ever done (almost a 90 degree crosswind). Obsticals on both end of the runways (trees) so be careful on those hot/humid days.

Approach for 27 flies right over my friends cottage.

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Great little airport

Really, really nice terminal. Leather comfey love seats for you to relax on. Cute little cafe to grab some food.

Spent some time talking to the Unicom lady (didn't catch her name) and she mentioned that it usually gets busy around lunch time on the weekends.

Really nice place.