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Northway Airport

We stayed overnight in the trailers that the Alaska Highway workers used. Rustic! The restaurant had closed for the evening, but the bartender said just go fix your own. We had steak, baked potato and apple pie. Left the money and did the dishes. Great way to live!

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Yorkton Muinicipal Airport

Camped under the wing here on our way to Alaska. Some mechanics spent all night changing the engine on a Snow ag plane. Tried it out at first light - about 4:30 a.m. Boy, that big radial sure can wake you up! Not a bad sound to wake up to though.

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Brandon Municipal Airport - 1988

This was our first stop in Canada for our first trip to Alaska in 1988. Some kind sole gave us a ride into town where we showered at the athletic club and found some dinner. It was light for so long we went back and on to Yorkton that evening.

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First landing North of the Arctic Circle

Not much here except a lodge and guide service - which is fine. Just a thrill for my first landing North of the Arctic Circle!