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FBO Notes

The Petro-T FBO also offers free parking if you fill up with them. The 100LL is 10 cents cheaper if you self-serve. Nice lounge. First ramp off Twy D.

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CYPQ - Peterborough

Spent the weekend with relatives. Parking = $8.00/night. Friendly FBO. Beautiful runway for an a/p of this tfc volume.

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No More Restaurant

When I went in 2006 the restaurant in the a/p bldg. was closed. Short car ride (call taxi) to "La Crémaillère", an excellent French Restaurant/Inn in neaby village of Messines (3 or 4 km SW of a/p), with adjacent bike/ski trail.

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Cafeteria at Upper Canada Village entrance & restaurant at golf club.

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Flight School with Twin

Radio svc is good for an a/p this size. Great stop while heading down the scenic St. Lawrence.

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Great View

Great view of Lake Ontario & the St. Lawrence when departing to the South. Taxicab svc to downtown for good restaurants is fast & not too expensive.