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Bring your swimwear

There is a public beach across the road from this great airport that has very clear water. Having to turn around on the upwind side over sloping terrain was interesting. The poutine served at the restaraunt is excellent and the Piper Cherokee "windsock" is worth the trip to stop here.

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Great airport

Very friendly staff at the local flight school. Make sure that you land and taxi out on Alpha. I tried to back taxi to Bravo and was told to turn around! Otherwise was a great visit and the last stop on my 300 NM CPL cross country flight. They have 100LL pumped with a smile.

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No good!

The aircraft parked here are so overgrown their landing gear is now part of the landscape. It looks like this was once a field with a Cessna population that is long gone. The runway is no longer a runway and is simply a road into the gas station. Too bad, it would have been fun!

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Fall 2009 Update

I took a flight over there yesterday and it looks like some progress has been made since the last google earth pass. Will need to keep an eye on this one as an interesting place to be.

Tony, when do you want to go land there? Call me!

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Looks like the inside of a BBQ!

The approach into this airport is amazing with blackened earth surrounding pristine tarmac. It was quite the shock to see this place in the middle of paradise. The airport itself is made up of a series of interconnected huts. Half the time you are outdoors even on the airside.

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Easy to find.

I managed to find Cornwall easily enough on my first dual cross country this weekend. Am planning to go back solo this Saturday. Was a great airport with friendly staff.

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Those who remember flying on CP or Canadian might recall the Brandon stopover. Generally was a stop, unload, wait 30 minutes then go type of thing. Was quite normal to stop here on the way from Calgary to Toronto.

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The captain informed us it would be bumpy on landing. Bumpy as in severe turbulence bumpy. We made it in fine. The airport is more of a shack. Shows you how they did things in the pre computer era. Imagine checking in hundreds of people using stickers and pens. This is in 2005!

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EAA Chapter.

This airport is a main reason that I am a flier today. I went up on an EAA Young Eagles flight at the age of 16. There is a great EAA chapter on the field that is stuck in time. It is like walking into the 1940's going in there. Great people and great projects. A tribute to the romance of aviation. Definately worth a stop!

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Great place for practice.

We use this airport quite a bit for practice work. No landing fees for single engine, easy MF to help with radio work. Very quiet area and is just about 3-5 minutes from Rockliffe. Nice long runway and a decent place to park and eat.

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Lost Wages!

It's cheaper to rent a car at Alamo for the week then to taxi everywhere. Is a great airport to arrive at in the dark due to all of the wild casino lights.

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Gatway to the North.

With all of the expansion going on north of this airport it's amazing how desolate it is. Still has a cute terminal and small town feel with capacity for real air traffic.

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Windy City.

They don't call it the windy city for nothing! One of the few places you could land a Cessna in reverse ;)

Used to fly out of here on Time Air's Dash 7's and Dash 8's in the early 80's. Was a great time to fly.

I would have loved to do my initial training here but alas it's too far from Ottawa! :)