Reid-Hillview Airport of Santa Clara County

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Best Airport in the Bay Area for GA

In my opinion, this is the best airport in the Bay Area for general aviation aircraft. There is a 24 hour self service 100LL fuel, and Jet A is available 24 hours if you call ahead. If you don't call ahead for Jet A, the hours are 8AM to 8PM daily. The tie downs at transient parking are really cheap. 10 bucks a night for a single engine piston and 20 bucks a night for twins and jets. If there is not someone in the office inside the terminal, there is still a way to get ahold of one of the airport ops personal! There is a white box with a red button next to the window of the airports ops office in the terminal. Hold that red button down and when you hear a "beep" talk into the white box and your message will come through one of the airport ops's walkie talkies. ATC is always nice here, and if you don't know where your going, they are always glad to assist you. So if you own a small twin piston (C421) like me, avoid the ridiculous parking and ramp fees and San Jose International Airport KSJC and fly 5 miles south to Reid Hillview Airport KRHV and you will see the differences in quality, and the people there actually care about you unlike KSJC. Sometimes, there are people that marshall your aircraft and chalk your airplane for free if your a transient pilot! Just be sure to fly in IFR so they know you're coming :)

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A great place for the option!

taking off, landing, failing the landing, go around, and just keep trying! =)

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re: It's a very friendly airport now!

Reply to @david: I agree with the assessment that Reid-Hillview is a friendly airport which offers a range of services. I would add that it is a convenient airport as well. I am amazed with its close proximity to downtown San Jose and far less hassle associated with getting in and out of the nearby San Jose International airport that more business people traveling via General Aviation do not utilize it.

The airport has the potential of becoming an even better airport if the Santa Clara County folks who oversee it would realize that it would be to their advantage to allow a restaurant to re-inhabit the terminal building.

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re: It's a very friendly airport now!

Thanks for the update. Next time work takes me to NoCal, I'll pay another visit.

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It's a very friendly airport now!

The rude controller was a big pain in the rear end, and was finally "persuaded" to resign.

The county supervisors and the city now support the airport.

It's a very friendly airport now. Airport terminal has snack, soda and coffee machines. Airport Shoppe (open Mon - Sat, 9-5) has a wide range of pilot supplies plus prepackaged sanwiches and similar food items. Four flight schools - including tailwheel, vintage and aerobatics at AeroDynamic Aviation. Two maintenance shops. Cessna dealer. 24hr self serve gas plus three truck based fuel services.

Time to visit again!

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Busy GA airport, rude controller

I flew in here as a passenger in a C152 a few years ago. We came in over the hills from the northeast, and the controller was very rude when the pilot didn't make first contact the way he wanted him to, to the point of asking sarcastically if the pilot had an emergency.

Whether the pilot was right or wrong about the way he made contact, the controller was definitely in the wrong to use the 'E' word over the radio without good cause.

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Talk about closing

Some politicians in Santa Clara county want to close the airport and redevelop the land to make money, but the idea doesn't seem to have a lot of traction yet:

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