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Claims to fame (infamy?)

Site of the 1988 Ramstein airshow disaster which killed 72 spectators, 3 pilots, and injured hundreds more people. This disaster was in turn the namesake of the heavy metal band Rammstein.

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Nice looking airport!

I'm having fun with the simulator. I like to use airports in Germany to test the sim. I would like, however, to visit this airport someday.

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Spectacular field

Nice approach and take off, a bit scary as the terrain suddenly drops down to the river.

Nice scenery, one of the most beautiful airfields I visited so far. We stayed overnight in the village and made some nice walks.

Very nice village Traben!

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small glider and UL airfield

contact: +49 163 471 5335

new members welcome!

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What a beautiful place!

I really enjoyed visiting this wonderful airport!

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Curiosity Brought me to this place

Nice Heliport as Heliports go.

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great place to stop

Now our favourite small airfield in Germany.. Don't,t miss it. Or the Vienna snitzel

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Not Closed

Runway 09/27 is not closed at Ramstein.

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re: My time at Spangdahlem Air Base

I was at Spangdahlem from February 1974 until March 1983. I was at Bitburg from July 1984 until August 1990. Great times!

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My time at Spangdahlem Air Base

I was stationed at Spangdahlem Air Base from February,1971 thru November,1973 and I would appreciate having a history of the base from that time frame . If anyone can help me with my request I certainly would appreciate your help . In addition to bringing back memories of my time spent at Spangdahlem Air Base I hope to be able to get in touch with the other Airmen that I was stationed with for a reunion . Thank You

Kevin P Shedd

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Middle of flippin nowhere

I flew Ryanair out of this airport once. You have to take a bus from Frankfurt to get here -- it's about a two-hour ride -- and it leaves at 5am. I slept on a bench in the train station. Good times.

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Swords Into Plowshares

This airport will be of interest to a lot of the Canadian readers. There's been an airport on this site since hitler began building up the Luftwaffe. After WWII it was a candaian Forces base for many years until it was closed in the early 1960's. The Germans (West Germans at the time) were quite keen on plowing it under for farmland and it very nearly was, but for some reason the USAF decided to take it over and re-open it in 1970. I was among the first USAF folk who came here in March 1970,and it was "interesting" to say the least. The German contractor hired by Canada to clean up and secure the facilities was most dutiful in following the absolute letter of the contract. Every room in every building was carefully cleaned and every door, inside and out was carefully locked. The one thing which wasn't in the contract? What to do with the keys.

My boss and I arrived at the building designated to house our workshop one morning and the representative from Civil Engineering, the base "land lord" told us .. "The forklift will be here in a moment or two." "Forklift", we queried. We soon found out. On the pallet the forklift was carrying was 4 each 55 gallon steel drums, all full of keys. lacking specific instructions on what to do with thekeys the contractor threw them, un-tagged into steel drums for "safe keeping". "Yours are in their somewhere", our landlord said, "Just let me know when you find them and I'll send the barrels to the next lucky customers."

Needless to say, I'll always remember Zweibrucken.

After the Americans decided we no longer needed the base, better German planners than the ones a few years back made the airdrome into an important regional airport, so perhaps all the time I spent there looking for keys wasn't a waste at all ;-)