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incorrect position

incorrect position

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Never again

Never going back ! Simple !

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(no subject)

When i was last there about 6 years ago there was a Turbulent cruising around( a very cool old kit built french number if memory serves).. a Super cub , a tiger , a WACKO Waco, A Citabria , A Plastic fantastic sr22 hotrod...a few 172s ,warrioirs arrows etc and a couple of 152s not to mention a swarm of Sportstar (90kt little Polish numbers) ... except the Wacko and Turbulent all were available to hire .... If you like flying cool aircraft check it out . If you dont ... go somewhere else

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Adelaide Biplanes comments.

(Reposted as my earlier post didn't include my name.)

I read the on this thread while researching flying schools before starting lessons some 3 months ago.

I drove to Murray Bridge, and to Parafield, and when I went for a look-see at Aldinga (after the comments below) I expected a frosty welcome, perhaps expensive food, and worse.

What I found instead is a warm family-run business, a guided walk over to the school's aircraft parked across the beautiful lawn area so I could see their quality and equipment, and nothing but respect and warmth.

Of the four schools I visited and spoke with (and I took the TIF with another school), Adelaide Biplanes was by far the most welcoming.

Not only that, their aircraft were the most professionally presented and newer. And also the best priced in the category I'm flying.

I am surprised at the slurs on this page from anonymous posters, and in my eyes that says more about them than the good folks at Adelaide Biplanes.

To anyone else reading this thread, don't accept the comments below as truth - go visit them yourself and make up your own mind.

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Re Adelaide Biplanes.

I read the on this thread while researching flying schools before starting lessons some 3 months ago.

I drove to Murray Bridge, and to Parafield, and when I went for a look-see at Aldinga (after the comments below) I expected a frosty welcome, perhaps expensive food, and worse.

What I found instead is a warm family-run business, a guided walk over to the school's aircraft parked across the beautiful lawn area so I could see their quality and equipment, and nothing but respect and warmth.

Of the four schools I visited and spoke with (and I took the TIF with another school), Adelaide Biplanes was by far the most welcoming.

Not only that, their aircraft were the most professionally presented and newer. And also the best priced in the category I'm flying.

I am surprised at the slurs on this page from anonymous posters, and in my eyes that says more about them than the good folks at Adelaide Biplanes.

To anyone else reading this thread, don't accept the comments below as truth - go visit them yourself and make up your own mind.

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Should one dare?

Why would they "Dob you in"? are you doing something illegal? And how will they "Get you one way or the other"? I will reiterate that your comments are both uneducated and unsubstantiated. . . . How do they not have respect for locals? They have changed circuit patterns to suit, they are running a legal business that brings tourism to the area, and furthermore please state another country airfield that has an equivalent quiver of aircraft as diversified as ABP along with the training to go with it.

To say that radical locals do not want to close the airfield down is false. . . . . I have a feeling that the people venting on this site are in fact the locals that want it shut down. . . . I still have a copy of emails that were sent by Suzi whom she was instructed to apologise for inappropriate comments by the mayor of Onkaparinga.

For the readers and actual pilots of this site please realise that the majority of the negative comments I believe are made are not from actual pilots but from locals trying to shut down the airfield whom have an agenda, they have been both underhanded and dishonest hence they will not put a name to there comments.

Tim Whitrow. 0414468731

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Should one dare.

I note that a recent comment suggest that one should identify oneself on this Aldinga comments site.

Do so and say it as it is and you will have assertive action leveled against oneself by the operators.

They will either cancel a fuel card if one has one which is illegal.


They will find reason to Dob you in.

But rest assured, they will get you one way or the other simply for telling as it is.

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By the Bollocks, they have brought about all these negative comments themselves.

Look at other airports and airfields and there are very few negative comments.

Where there is a lot of smoke, there certainly is a fire.

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Bollocks and Get some balls

Grow up and get some balls has it all wrong.

Adelaide Biplanes had absolutely no respect for the locals.

They came here Pommy Land, Bought the Flying school and within a short period of time where conducting flight activities at all hours and late on Saturday and Sundays with the constant droning of aircraft going round and round and sometimes low level circuits as well.

Anyone living in the vicinity stated getting jacked off.

But they never ever wanted to close the flying school nor the airfield down. That us absolute rubbish to state that.

At the end of the day it was simply and plainly Adelaide Biplanes who have been the root cause of a beautiful country airfield being EPA licensed. That transpired to be the only way to control these inconsiderate operators who have dobbed other aviators in to CASA rather than talk to the person that they, as self appointed industry police, perceived to be doing wrong.

And worse than that , they reported people from other airfields and venues which had absolutely nothing to do with them.

And to Mr Bollocks. The way you are ranting and raving leaves a lot to be desired in your ignorant outlook of the the facts.

As a Adelaide Biplane disciple, you would have blinkers on.

It only takes one to read the majority of comments to form an opinion that the operators at Aldinga have also no respect for Australian Aviators many of whom can fly rings around the bloke from Aldinga.

Remember that within the first year of him coming to Australia from Pommie Land, he stated that Australians have a bad flying culture and that HE was going to change it.

He has alright, which is why the pilots from Adelaide Biplanes are not overly welcome at any of the Flying Venues in South Australia. And that is a fact.

And the other thing which many have experienced, go there and do not put your hand in your pocket for fuel, coffee or cake, you will get the cold shoulder.

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I live IN !! the circuit at YADG.


Martyn taught me to fly and the method and content has saved my life more than once . Ive seen commercial pilots trained elsewhere that couldnt land a 172 with no cross wind on a 2k bitumen strip. I havent seen him for approx 10 yrs for many reasons and am not a particularly big fan of his crew he has there ... so I dont go there simple ... I am not whinging about it on a public forum .so eat a D### those who will say Im part of ABP... FAR from it .

The bloke can pretty much fly anything Ive seen it!

Lets get to the Point rather than ######g around, all the critics, cynics, whinging di%$s tall poppy knockers , your accusing him of being a casa nazi and its evident why ....you cant fly for shit and your likely going to die or kill someone, hes probably seen it and asked if you would like a refresher or offered to help out and stop you from killing yourself.!! this upset your ###t pilot feelings and your ego starts writing cheques your body and ability CANT CASH! and the B######T begins .

He has skills that are worth learning , he owns a flight training school , Im guessing hes the CFI now ....and coincidentally ...... his son was killed in a aviation accident before the whole families eyes ! due to unskilled unsafe aviation ..SERIOUSLY....WTF do you think the Smiths attitude toward safety is going to be you Dumb ####s. If he was useless and talked ###t then fine ... but hes not so why dont you all grow a set and learn some new skills .

I am far from a amazing pilot but the instinctive core stuff like landing without gear down .......impossible!! I couldnt if i tried..... can all of the critics answer that one ??

Say what you want about this post and me ... IDGAF

I actually thought this site may have info like ...watch out for the South Easterly in late summer evenings . on late finals on 14 in summer keep a little more height over the fence as it always seems to sink.. you can get a taxi from??? you know stuff a pilot would say.... instead its all bollocks ...

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Aldinga Airfield. . . . Grow up and Grow some Balls.

Reading all of these comments for the first time is interesting, Oh and so brave or the Pilots commenting without signing you name to anything. It reminds me of school girls bitching about something they don't like. Seriously I have been Flying out of YADG for 10 years. It is a great local airfield (That is NOT owned and operated by Adelaide Bi-Planes) and If you cant fit in to a circuit that has multiple runways in operation then get some more training it's pretty basic. Right hand circuits are in place to appease the few locals who have tried to shut down the field due to noise. . . whom purchased well after the field was registered and they failed. . . hence the EPA saga, it was there last resort.

The comments about ABP and the EPA are both uneducated and unsubstantiated and I will leave it at that, if you don't know anything about it don't comment on it because you sound like a tit.

The Aviation community is small and we should be all trying to support each other not shit on each other.

Tim Whitrow. Local very bad Pilot who seems to piss everybody off..

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The Worlds Greatest Pilot

Aldinga has the worlds greatest pilot.

Self professed of course.

He was flying his Waco in formation with his Super Cub, which observers believe was carrying too much weight and that the weight and balance would have been way out, when pilot of the Super Cub radioed the worlds greatest pilot and informed him that something was flapping around by the fuel tank.

After some deliberation he informed the Super Cub Pilot that he had left the fuel filler cap off.

It is understood that they were on the way to Kangaroo Island and would have flown over one of the most dangerous stretches of waters in the world .

One trembles when considering what the consequences would have been if the Worlds Greatest Pilot had run out of fuel over those waters.

He hastily returned to Aldinga.

Another chapter in the life of the Worlds Greatest Pilot.

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I agree

The writer accusing the CFI at Aldinga of being abusive is spot on.This is not the first time as he is well known for his attitude???????against Australian Aviators.

He has also verbally abused others for executing a go around.

Makes one wonder when they are so hell bent on telling everyone how safe they are and how they promote safety.

But, just remember that they can do as they please but that is not applicable to others.

Do not do as we do but do as we say.

Cripes, heard this morning that they charge $290.00 for a 20 min flight in the Tiger Moth. Phew.

Seems that the stories about the ching ching of the cash register are true.

One must remember that profit is not wrong but greed is terrible.

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Another bad review

I had the unfortunate experience of meeting the owner and CFI of Adelaide Biplanes today. He verbally abused me for conducting an overshoot(circuit into a go-around) at a nearby ALA en-route to Aldinga. What on earth is wrong with an overshoot I do not know, but he accused me of a 'beat-up', a totally false and unsubstantiated accusation. He threatened "I'll report you to the ATSB before you can make it back to Parafield". I am lost for words.

Upon some research I came across this thread, and, oh my, it all makes sense. I do have to agree with the comments; it's all happy days as long as long as you're diving into your wallet, until you have a run-in with this guy. Seems like their EPA donation I've been contributing to for a long time is one big lie also. I also agree that their practice of operating on several runways is dangerous.

I've enjoyed going to Aldinga for a long time. I'm a very easy going chap and normally wouldn't let this hold me back, but the consistent comments regarding unfair/false reports to CASA is extremely off-putting.

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Another one

For a Pom who comes to Australia, buys the flying School at Aldinga, calls it Adelaide Biplanes and tells us that Australians have a bad flying culture and that they are going to change it, they are doing really well.

I mean, they must be on first term names with their insurance company as I saw another Sports Star with a mangled prop and damaged on a trailer down south near Goolwa which comes from Aldinga.

So how many is that now that they have stuffed up.

Taxied a Tiger Moth into a PARKED aircraft, stood the super cub on its nose, stalled a Lighting into the ground and how ever many more.

]Not a bad record for someone who says that we in Australia have a bad flying culture and then acts as the industry police and runs to CASA for everything that they think is wrong.

And abuses those who they PERCEIVE doing something wrong as self appointed industry police.

And by the way, the only time that you are treated nicely there is if you put your hand in your pocket and they can hear the Ching Ching of the cash register. Otherwise have no time for one.

People who live in glass houses should never throw stones. Eh.

No wonder there are now many who will not fly in there as who knows what will happen next.

Abused, reported to CASA, prang and treated rudely.

Plus the safest airfield in Australia. Pigs.

Remember that this is all in my opinion only derived from personal experience and observations and what I have witnessed first hand and told and verified by others.

Not a nice place and needs to get the like of the previous operators back theter to return it to the safe friendly place it used to be with the camaraderie that they have destroyed.

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Aldinga airport

A mate and I fly in regularly and have rarely had a problem. Sure they have several runways and may be using more than one- just get situational awareness on the way in, stay above the traffic till you decide your approach-and use your radio!

We enjoy the coffee, the view and the friendship and find the operators and their instructors friendly and helpful.

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Adelaide Biplanes

Browsing thru most of the comments, anyone who has attempted to fly into ADG and have encountered the same problems as many of us have, would have to agree with the negative comments.

Refer to Alex, dated 28 April 2015. "Help a fellow Aussie battler out"

The operator is not an Aussie battler. He is a POM.

I presume that this is to help and contribute towards the Adelaide Biplanes rude collection for monies towards funding the costs of the EPA.

An EPA involvement which Adelaide Biplanes are directly responsible for by exceeding the movement limitations of which they were aware of.

What gets me is that they are asking others to donate to fund their business commitments as they are bound by, as I am led to understand, the shareholder and board resolution which agreed to the license provided that Adelaide Biplanes paid the costs and not the shareholders who did not crate the problem and that a EPA license to exceed the movements is pf no value or

benifit to the shareholders.

Now I have been directed to the Adelaide Biplanes facebook site .

Whilst collecting donations to fund their business, check out the house that they have just built. The "Boathouse" ????????

At what costs. How rude to shove this on facebook whilst asking for donations, even a poster in the woman's loo at ADG asking for donations. What a place to situate that??????

This may explain the csyphe of these people.

The most expensive fuel around. Goolwa good place to fuel if like me flying from Victoria.

As I am told, and research confirms this. the most expensive rates around the flying schools for training or hire and fly.

Profit is good but greed is bad.

I and others now avoid the place like a plague.

Such a shame as has always been a great friendly place in the past with reasonably priced fuel.

Sadly, in my opinion, and as I can gather by the comments, many others, abusive, bad mannered operator and unsafe circuit procedures with multiple runways in use and sometimes no radio calls so totally confusing.

Almost as if they do not want other aviators flying in to ADG as the impression is that they want it all to themselves and others are an imposition.

Flew into Goolwa, Mate picked us up from Adelaide. Took the opportunity to drive to ADG for a look and looks nice but a dead, unfriendly airfield with only some Adelaide Biplane aircraft visible.

Dont spend any monies with them, not at all interested in one.

A dead, no soul, unfriendly airfield.

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Adelaide bi bi planes

In summary it seems YADG is now run by Adelaide Bi planes,its a shame really as now its angry rude and dangerous . Something very wrong here . Used to be safe . Suggest alternate to GOOLWA ..MURRAYBRIDGE. both have avgas and safe circuit activity.

Manuelle Dubois

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Where there is smoke, there is a fire

Whow, Have just been browsing the aerodromes in South Australia planning a trip from NSW to WA via S.A.

I planned to stop over at either Goolwa or Aldinga for fuel etc.

I am stunned at all the negative comments about Aldinga whilst the likes of Goolwa and other surrounding airfields have no bad comments.

Seems as if there is smoke there is a fire as if maybe one person posts a bad comment, that would be acceptable as one cannot please everybody.

But having now read all the comments about Aldinga, I would suggest that there may be some serious issues which should be addressed there.

It is not all about coffees and cakes, its about aviation, aviators and their aircraft and needs.

Needless to say, thanks to those who have been upfront enough to inform the rest of us.

I thought that I would pause and phone Goolwa at this stage.

Bloke there will make a vehicle available (No charge) to us if required, and will organize accommodation at our cost. Fair enough.

Solves that. I would rather stop somewhere which does not have the bad feedback and postings like Aldinga.

Sad that, as I flew in there years ago. lovely peaceful country airfield with small office and flying school and such a lovely friendly women who's name my wife tells me was Lorraine???

I guess that at times new ownership with big high flying ideas do not always work out and would suggest that maybe this is the case with Aldinga.

No longer the quint quite lovely place that we found it to be.

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Aldinga Airfield

Have not looked at this site for a while but pleased to see that finally some are waking up to what Aldinga and the operators of the flying school are actually like..

Not all nice coffee and cakes, in fact, from an aviators point of view who have flown in there for many past years, its gone to the dogs with shocking circuit procedures and running the risk of been abused.

Avgas is about 18 cents more per liter than some other airports who PAY DELIVERY for their avgas.

I make a point of never calling in there for fuel or for any other reason any more unless there is something on at the Aero Club or similar. The Good Ole Boys.

And yes. The low time inexperienced instructors sit on the veranda with their coffees and criticize the landings and take offs of others.

But they will suck in the inexperienced thru their fancy social networking and sadly teach the students their ways.

It is also interesting to note that the operators, nor their students etc are made very welcome around various aviation venues in S.A. Seems that the aviation fraternity have woken up to them. And remember, that some have been around for some time and are highly qualified and respected.

Funny thing. We Australians will always, well at the best of times, extend our hands in friendship to newcomers. But beware when these newcomers bite our hands.

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Wow trained out of Aldinga 15 years ago and had so many fond memories when John white owned the flying school, went back to refuel my Saratoga, Truth lets just say will never return there again thought I was back in Narm place has a horrible feel about it, every move you make you are watched and critersized sorry fellow aviators Yadg not for me happy flying Sam Pope.

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Adelaide Bi Planes

It matters not what we locals think about the antics at Aldinga Aerodrome.

Adelaide Bi Planes have no respect, no consideration and simply not interested in the well being of any of the locals.

Now they have this collection to fight the EPA. Rude and wrong as from what I believe, Adelaide Biplanes are responsible for the EPA involvement and subsequent requirement for a EPA license. Now they are asking others to pay to for their obligations?????????

I hear that they even have a sign asking for monies in the women's toilet. How rude.

Problem is that they are extremely cunning in their social media presentations and have sucked in so many who do not live in the area with the tea / cake/ coffee / scones etc.

Now the word is that their will be a wine boutique on the Aerodrome. How can that be allowed?????? A booze outlet on a aerodrome????

What else will these people do to attract attention.

Sad day when Adelaide Biplanes came to Aldinga. Very much also the self appointed industry police who have no hesitation in reporting others but can do no wrong themselves according to some in the area.

And Tony, yes I agree. They are annoying to the inth. Particularly in the summer.

Try having a nice BBQ on a Saturday evening, or even Sunday lunch, beautiful views to the sea from the hills and these people go around and around and around with the constant irritating droning and noise, totally destroying the peace and tranquility.

So who allows this mob to carry on like this?

Maybe we should get a petition going to send them to Parafield.

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Adelaide Bi planes

I am a resident of Sellicks Hill and have lived here nearly 30 yrs ,l am not one to stir the pot or carry on unnecessarily , so i would like to think my comments are of a relevant nature.

Up until approximately 2008 the amount of air traffic was totally ok and somewhat enjoyable , but now the constant drone has become a real annoyance . Some days I have counted a minimum of 4 aircraft doing takeoffs and landings continuously during daylight hours not to mention other aircraft coming and going . Im not one to spoil anyones fun but its really got hard to not say anything . My research tells me that theres been restrictions to help improve things but from a residents point of view I cant see any improvement at all .

I have nothing against having a airstrip there and would hate to see it shut but I guess its just a case of " fair go mate " surely Aldinga biplanes could move to somewhere like parafield , this may be a incorrect assumption as I am not a aviator but isnt Parafield there for operations like this ?

Tony , Sellicks Hill

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Nice tea and scones , a couple of biplanes and a few taildragging aircraft doesnt make up for ridiculous increases in traffic , crowded circuits , 100hr inexperienced RA instructors and rude unsafe radio etiquette . I'm disgusted at whats become of this once fine example of a Australian GA strip .Its been 9 months since I last landed my twin there and until Adelaide Biplanes and their commercial operation leave it will be my last . It saddens me to think that this is somehow what they want , total control of the YADG CTAF . I feel for the original hangar owners who based their aircraft there , lets hope Casa the EPA and the Aldinga Aviation group do the right thing .

And yes I am anonymous. .. Ive been warned of the smear campaign tactics of ABP .

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ADG goes EPA

The operators who continually breached the agreement of 20,000 movements p.a. ( Over 40,000 movements, in breech of the act) applicable to the airfield, have now been the main reason that the airfield has to have an EPA license.

What a disaster and what a tragic result and sad result for a beautiful country airfield. All in the name of the dollar and at every other shareholders expense in terms of rules, regulations, impositions, restrictions, pending fines and whatever else the EPA can come up with.

This will now be the only EPA licensed airfield in South Australia. A Government Environment Protection Dept.

It makes one wonder what compensates for greed? At the imposition and impact on others airfield users who did not violate the rules and therefore are not responsible for this airfield now to be forced to be EPA licensed.

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re: He's at it again.......

Just reading the blogs. It would be laughable about the comment interesting if it were not true.

Sadly, what was stated is true plus a lot of the other blogs about the airfield and its operators.

Most expensive fuel and most expensive instructional rates.

The good comments are possibly posted by the operators or their stooges.

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Aldinga airfield, Adelaide Biplanes

Well said. a great location and welcoming crew. you will not be disappointed if you either drive or fly in here. if you are thinking of tail dragger training, this is the place to go. Probably the best range of tail draggers in Australia. minimal traffic, short hop to the training area, minimal wasted time in the circuit or on the ground. good value for money.

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judge for yourself

This message is for anyone who is thinking about visiting Aldinga or doing flight training with Adelaide Biplanes. In short, don't listen to anything you read on here, instead go and judge for yourself. These comments give a very false view on what really happens at Aldinga. The vast majority find it to be a great airfield, home to a very professional flight school with a great array of different aircraft. A significantly better option both in terms of cost and quality than anything you will find at Parafield. This is coming from someone who has trained at Aldinga after trying many different options.

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Still at it?

To paraphrase Barack Obama, "when ignorant people publicly display their ignorance, you don't have to say too much, just let them run their mouths.."

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He's at it again.......


Picture of


Mmmm. Reading all the blogs it would seem that there are a number of SOB's with nothing to do.

In fact, I am one of those SOB's and do know 5 other SOB's who have said it as it is.

Perhaps if the operators at Aldinga would take note, and undergo a Anal Optasectomy to sever the optic nerve between their backsides and eyeballs they may have a better outlook on life and stop poohing on others nor acting as they are Gods gift to the Australian Aviation Industry.

Many airman died to protect their Pommie island. Poms, Canadians, Americans, Cheks, Poles, South Africans, New Zealanders and Australians.

( Perhaps they should remember that the POMS did not really win, the Germans lost)

And then when the flying Club at Aldinga celebrated the Battle of Brittan, one of then came running out of their sacred ground and abused the Flying Club members in front of everyone as they did not like the flying. Strange is it not, when you think that they would be thankful that their sorry bum was saved by so many who sacrificed their lives for them. They are a weird mob alright. So I, as others will, will wonder just who real the SOB's are.

Live in a glass house, should not throw stones lady as when someone throws a stone back you scream foul??????So when you bow out and start showing some respect to the Australian Aviators and stop slagging them and running to CASA then just maybe, you may just start earning some respect from the real aviators in Australia. If that is possible. So go away and start calling us who say it as it is some worse names than SOB. Oh and by the way, the biggest stone thrower and dobber at Aldinga cannot even fly an aircraft. How good is that?

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He's at it again.

Poor SOB has nothing better to do with his time.

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Seems strange that one soul with nothing to do is accused of ALL the negative postings about Aldinga when one only has to read the postings to understand that there is without doubt more than one soul with nothing to do posting comments. Postings that say it as it is about the joint based and with facts and Truth.

Facts and Truths by aviators who have been burnt and at times abused by the operators, tenants at that.

The present operators have turned Aldinga into a beautiful place but it is sadly tarnished by their crappy outlook towards most aviators in South Australia and not to mention their self appointed Industry Policeman attitude and are quick to run to the Authorities and Dob people in.

Sadly the bad attitude toward Australian Aviators seems to stem from one twisted soul who think that they own the place.

Aldinga is owned by a Company, Aldinga Aviation Pty Ltd, comprised of shareholders and these righteous people only lease the premises to operate the Flying School which as many of us understand that they regard Australian Aviators as having a bad culture and the bloke has come to Australia from the great? United Kingdom and has clearly stated that Australians have a bad flying culture and that he intends to change it. Strange that is it not? Clearly demonstrates their Attitude.

Oh and by the way, the posting re Local Accommodation and Dining facilities has the hallmark of the coffee shop owner. Self praise and self promotion.

Pilots beware of the smiling assassins in life. Milk you for your quid and than stab you in the back.

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Local accomodation and dining possibilities

Sent some friends there. they flew in and had booked at the Victory Hotel at Sellicks Hill, only a few miles away. this pub is well known around Adelaide for it's cellar and meals and now it has a B&B as well. my friends flew in and were picked up by the pub manager. they apparently had a great time, fantastic food and a huge choice of wines from the cellar. i gather the accomodation was good also. other friends have been to the Victory and bumped into Ray Martin and Sir David Attenborough and their wives dining there??

with regard to the airfield itself. probably the best coffee and home made cakes etc. you will ever find at any airport in Australia. great location, nice people.

ignore any BS you see here, it comes from one unfortunate soul who has nothing better to do.

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Aldinga Flying Ops

Whow, the word is now that the operator of the flying school is conducting both joy flights in his Bi Plane in Cahoots with the Southern Peninsula Tourism organization as well as Aerobatic flights whilst knowingly suffering from a Medical heart condition.

Is this true? Is this possible with the CASA watchdogs? Or is it possible that they do not know and that the dude has not been fully honest with the CASA doctors?

If this is so, why does he not display a sign in the cockpit "You fly at your own risk in this aircraft as the Pilot has a Medical Condition"

These are the rumors going around and given the Smiths total disregard towards the Aviation Industry in Australia by constantly reporting others to CASA, it may be that he is attempting to divert attention from himself?

He reportedly collapsed and fell over a number of times and was hospitalized and rumor says that he flies with a pacemaker, commercially.

If this is all true, which reports say it is, then how is it that he is able to operate as a single pilot in command?

Maybe Smith should clear this up tell us and put these rumors to bed. That is if they are only rumors and not fact.

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Same ol, same ol

Flew in with a mate the other day with intentions of refueling.

Incredibly daunting to join the circuit as 2 runways in operation, 90 degrees to each other and busy.

My mate wanted to join the circuit to land on 03 but 03 and , I think, 32 were is constant alternating use by local training aircraft.

Out of determination, he finally managed to join the circuit for 03.

When he commented to some tall lanky chap with a Adelaide Biplanes shirt, who therefore must have been part of the regime, he was asked if he had a GA licence and doesn't he know how to join a circuit. What arrogant crap. I think I must agree that some Pommie (as per comments on this site) arrogance must have rubbed off on this chap.

He was that pissed off that he decided to give refueling a miss and go to Goolwa.

Whow, it took about 15 min to try and enter 03, line up and take off.

A hair raising and frustrating experience.

There was some parachuting and flying activity at Goolwa but nothing like the hassle to join the circuit as Aldinga.

Have to give that a miss in the future.

But what about some rules and applying some airman ship. How do the students cope?

Well, its as my mate explained.

There is probably a local instructor in the aircraft as well and they simply time the circuits or do a bigger circuit or whatever they have to do so as to facilitate a landing on 03, then 32 and so on.

Makes it hard for anyone flying in there and in my view, dangerous.

I have read the comments on this site and would agree that there must be times when this does not happen.

And then it may be a nice place, but for me and my mate, never ever again.

Dammed glad to have gone to Goolwa and finally back to our aerodrome.

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re: Mrs Smith is not a pom!

Nobody ever accused her of being a POM. Just acting like a toffee nosed POM who thinks that she is Gods gift to the Australian Aviation Industry. WRONG.

Can she fly? Does she have a pilots license? Or is she a self appointed Industry watchdog? And then if so, by whose authority and who has appointed both her and her POM Husband to police the local flying and other distant communities?

Pray for the day when some real down to earth proper aviators return to run the airfield.

How many of us would be more than happy to frequently fly in for a visit?

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Mrs Smith is not a pom!

all you people saying Mrs Smith in a pom....you are idiots! She is from the South East fools!!

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Keep this Forum to the point.

[>>>I'm sorry but i do not understand how or why one would expect everybody to stay quiet when they intentionally breach air legislation, putting the safety of themselves and others at risk. Grow up! <<<]

I don't understand this; who is intentionally breaching air legislation?

[>>> The ability to leave a comment about the airfield is being used for all the wrong reasons <<<]

Are you saying Aldinga is being used for all the wrong reason, if so what are they I know there is plenty of chaos there?

Only the other week an inexperienced pilot landed there with is family, thinking naturally that everyone be using the in to wind runway, landed and taxied back. He crossed another runway while an aircraft was on final to that runway, a go-round ensued and the pilot copped an un-helpfull mouthful from one of the instructors. Sure he was in the wrong, but in his own words he could not figure what the hell was going on, he assumed the aircraft had landed behind him, in his words to me was β€œit appeared aircraft were going everywhere with disregard to logic and making operations unsafe”.

[>>>>I fly the family to aldinga regularly, great scenery, great people, great food, great overall environment. I'm not quite sure what everyone is on about. Don't fly like a tool, and you'll receive just as much respect as anyone else.<<<]

I don’t get it, the food is great and the Smiths treat people well, I agree. Who is flying like a TOOL??? Are you talking about operations and the flying school? I agree the ops are chaotic, we had a meeting with CASA a few years ago over it, it’s an ongoing problem I admit, or who else is flying like a tool? If its a great overall environment what is your point with all this stuff about "intentionally breach air legislation" and "flying like a tool" ????

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What is this!?!

I'm sorry but i do not understand how or why one would expect everybody to stay quiet when they intentionally breach air legislation, putting the safety of themselves and others at risk. Grow up!

The ability to leave a comment about the airfield is being used for all the wrong reasons.

I fly the family to aldinga regularly, great scenery, great people, great food, great overall environment. I'm not quite sure what everyone is on about. Don't fly like a tool, and you'll receive just as much respect as anyone else.

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re: Keep this Forum to the point.

I think this poster is confused about who wrote what. I am the owner of OurAirports, and have posted nothing about the accident people are discussing

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Keep this Forum to the point.

Wow "@david " this is bit of poor representation of the events that killed Martyn and Gaylene’s son. This accident was tragic and should never of happened. I and everyone else I know (including Mr Chris Wise – whom I have spoken too about this), feels devastated for the Smiths. Why did you bring this up in this discussion?? Don’t forget the pilot that killed there son had a family too, and the events that happened that day is not their fault, when you represent untruths it reflects on them.

>the pilot had lost his medical<; He had lost his Class 1. Medical, he still retained a Class 2. Medical.

>and was disqualified from flying<; No he was not.

>let alone the low level aerobatics that he was carrying<; this was foolish as it’s not legal to take none essential crew and passengers whilst doing low level aerobatics.

>he drove his aircraft into the ground<, this is outrages, you make it sound like it was intentional, the manoeuvrer he did beggars believe, however in an attempts to impress, we have all done things that were stupid and got away with it, in this case he did not with tragic consequences.

It is this tragic event that has set the Smiths on a crusade, I can totally understand this, and as you put it > β€œi doubt that anyone could imagine the horrific images that must go through their minds”

Do not loose site that this pilot was well known to the Smiths and this was not the first flight they had shared on that day or other days. How they cope on a day to day bases is a credit to them, however does not excuse their crusade.

I think this forum should be kept to the opinions about the Aldinga Airfield, in Australia we all have a right to voice our opinions, one can only voice their own experiances and I know of several people whom have voiced their opinions on this forum, both positive and negative as is our pilots right, that the point of the forum.

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re: Watching the discussion

Oh by the way, I did respect the views on this site and did in my posting some time back ask that any issues relating to any problems etc in regard to the tenant of Aldinga Aviation, Adelaide Biplanes, should address these problems with our new progressive board.

I did ask that we should all put this to rest as the subject had been flogged to death. I wonder what inspired an individual with such a obvious poisoned twisted mind to incorrect assume and post such a mentally unbalanced tirade? Whether it be against me or not.

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re: Watching the discussion

Well well well. So some spineless creature who does not have the testicular fortitude is maybe pointing a finger at me, Chris Wise.

I did identify myself on this site and had my say, but it seems like we now have someone who incorrectly assumes (Never assume as it makes a ASS out U and ME )'

Now put yourself in Gaylene's shoes who may have instigated this post.

Everyone, And I mean everyone gave Martyn and Gaylene and Bonnie all the support in the world. My wife and I felt for them in a big way.

We lost our son last year, but we are not taking this out on anybody else.

And here lies the nucleus of the problem.

Gaylene has engaged in a vendetta againts aviators in Australia who she thinks have done wrong. She has attempted to dob aviators in at events other than at Aldinga.

THe classic was when she, with her husband present, ran to CASA because she had heard stories about the antics of some pilots at a gathering at Mick and Di's Skypark at Port Lincoln.

When CASA advised her that it was a private show and that they could not attend these events unless invited, she asked why they could not hide in the tress and wach what was going on.

So, this had nothing to do with them. But this is only one inc incident of dobbing.

This is not the Australian way of doing things, one talks to the alleged offender first IF IT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

Then Mr Smith tells me that the Australians have a terrible flying culture and when asked about it, He says that he is going to change it, This from a POM who had only recently arrived in Australia.

Look, at the end of the day, we all do sympathize with the Smiths, but they cannot take what happened to them out on the whole industry.

This is why, not just me, but many others in the flying fraternity have had enough of their dobbing arrogant attitude.

Read the posts, quite obviously the author of the last post has a fixation that I am the author of then. WRONG

One must remember that the Smiths thru the first stones and naturally some people will throw a stone back and they should learn to take the return flack that they so happily dish out.

I did post an article asking that all of this be put to rest, but if this snake in the grass wishes to continue with the trash, then please, identify yourself if you have the courage and BRING IT ON.

So if you are referring to me and my accurate opinions and assumptions of the Smiths which is quite obviously shared by many others, then instead of making accusations without identifying yourself and stand up and be accounted for, or are you also going to be another anonymous gutless dobber.

Now, If you are indeed referring to me, I am not bigoted and nor do I have a toxic mind. Only towards those who see fit to unjustifiably harm me or my mates, then it becomes more that toxic, it becomes very angry.

So what now Ms anonymous.

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re:Chris Wise

Well, this is going to be interesting, so sit back, take a breath and let's see where this ends up.

It is now after 17.00 hrs and I write this after deliberation re a phone call that I received at about lunch time about this site with much glee on the other end of the phone.

So, my name is Chris Wise and I operate out of Aldinga.

I have posted one article on this site where I did say that we should leave this all alone and enough said.

Now to the nitty gritties and let's get in the open.

I do not get on with the operators of Adelaide Bi Planes and they do not get on with me. Nor do I particularly wish to get on with them.

It is a well recognized fact within the aviation scene around South Australia, and indeed interstate by some, that they have dobbed others in to CASA without any prior "sorting it out" with what they perceive to be wrong with the alleged offender.

And yes, they did attempt to dob the delightful people, Mick and Di Hart from Port Lincoln and as am led to believe with great authority, told CASA to hide in trees and observe what goes on at the Hart's Sky Park. Not nice. Yes they did dob young Pat Crowther without any sorting it out. i.e Mate please do not come back here and do that sort of flying end of story. No grief for the Crowther family.

Yes they did, as I am reliably informed, dob me in for aerobatics below 3000 feet but saw their behind as they were unaware of the fact that I have a endorsement to 1500 feet.

Yes they did abuse some for what they perceived to be a beat up when a guy did a go around. Yes when Mr Smith came to Australia form England, they did say that our Australian flying culture is crap and that they were going to change it and yes they are, not in the manner that blends in with our delightful culture.

So I have been vocal about this in the past to the extent that the board of Aldinga Aviation had their solicitor write to me about my comments which were in no way directed to the company, but Adelaide Bi Planes.

It is my opinion that in the past some of the directors on the board of Aldinga Aviation may have been protecting them.

And of course, I am led to believe that the list goes on.

However. There has been enough bulldust posted on this site and maybe with a bit of luck Adelaide Bi Planes at Aldinga may have come to realize that the Aviators in Australia do not appreciate people going to CASA rather that sort it out. They may also finally realized that their holier than thou attitude is not wanted.

So I would suggest that if the Mob at Adelaide Biplanes have an issue with someone, then they should go to that person and address the perceived problem and if required and warranted tell the person that they are running a flying school and do not appreciate that behavior as it sets a bad example wha wha wha, They would command far more respect.

Double standards. Yes there are as any honest aviator flying out of Aldinga will tell you. I have not been there for a while so that may have changed, But not according to the post re aerobatics below 3000ft with paying passengers.

Sadly Aldinga HAS got a reputation as a place to avoid. How do I know this. I know locals and people interstate who are of the opinion that the pleasure of participating in fly ins to Aldinga is no longer a pleasure as one never knows if one will be abused or Dobbed in.

So now. Aldinga Aviation have just recently had a change within the board and we as shareholders now believe that we have a board that is there for the shareholders, not just the interest's of a privileged few who could do no wrong.

This board, now comprises of progressive and positive board members who without doubt wish to act in the best interests of the shareholders as a whole and to act for the best interests in the shareholders aerodrome, Aldinga, and to move forward constructively and fairly.

With this in mind, should there be anyone who in the future is not happy with the attitude of the tenants of the airfield, Adelaide Biplanes, then I would request;

(1) All the comments on this site now be done with. Everyone has clearly had their say and there is no more to be said.

(2) If there are any further incidents whereby aviators who operate at Aldinga or who fly in to Aldinga, that may occur between them and Adelaide Biplanes which is not cosha, then please in the 1st instance for all to act as sensible grown ups and solve the problem amongst themselves without anyone running to CASA.

(3) Should there be any occasions where somebody considers that they have been victimized or dobed in or any such like by the tenants, I would urge those people to write to our board who will, I can assure you, take the middle road and adjudicate fairly.

This keeps it all nice and tidy and with a bit of luck we can all move forward in a friendly progressive manner. (Except for Adelaide Biplanes and myself) They leave me and my mates alone, I leave them alone.

I read the article about the anonymity of the internet and decided to show my testicular fortitude and have my say and to me, that's the end of it. Let's move on and see what happens.

The horse has been flogged to death.

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re: Local Pilot

Isn't the internet also just great to be able to expose those who anonymously dob people in to the authorities without any due thought to the hurt and anguish that they cause by such low un Australian attitudes that they extend toward fellow aviators.

Nothing bigoted or small minded about that. Oh and by the way, who is hiding behind anonymity?

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re: Fier beware

That's the Australian way cobber. Give people a fair go awright.

These people were welcomed to Australia, and remember they choose to come here, we did not ask them, and we gave them the biggest fair go that they could wish for.

Then they attack our flying culture, dob fliers in to CASA but have the attitude do as we say, not do as we do.

Two standards cobber. No fair go cobber.

Seems to me where there is smoke there is a fire and there sure as hell is plenty of smoke.

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re: Local Pilot

What a pity the internet allows the small minded, bigoted nasty, whinging people of the world to voice this purile trite and hide behind anonymity.

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Local Pilot

How about you post your name? (About 45 years of flying Hey. Should be able to see the light by now)

Maybe then you could be enlightened about the dobbing in, hide in the trees and watch what others do.

None of which has anything to do with them as these events and venues took place at other airfields and private properties. None of Smiths business, so why do they run to CASA?

And when something does take place at Aldinga, they have not got the common decency to approach the person in the first instance and sort it out. Nope, they have a hot line to CASA.

How un Australian is that.

Smith, who is not endorsed for aerobatics below 3000' is often observed conducting Aerobatics at about 1200 to 1500, with a paying passenger on board, but does anybody dob him in? Nope.

Saturday 21/04/2012 between 10.30 and 1100 hrs he was observed by others conducting aerobatic manoeuvres at below 3000', about 1500' in the Tiger Moth with a paying passenger. But will we phone CASA? Not on your life.

One never phones CASA even if it is Smith.

Double Standards.

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Far out!

Wow.... I trained at 4 flying schools and with about 6 different trainers before ending up at Bi-Planes and I certainly have no hesitation in recommending them. The people are just sooo nice and the trainers have been the best. I understand that you cant please all the people, all of the time but in the time I have been there, they have certainly pleased me. I certainly havent seen double standards... only a professional standard from the owners down.


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