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Regular Air Link

Approximately 3 flights per week from Ternate with Susi Air using Cessna Caravan. Schedule subject to change.

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re: Closed Aerodrome

Reply to @YD1TNK: Thank you for the comment. From reading a translation of the story, it looks like the airport closing is only temporary, while volcanic ash and smoke reduces visibility. Please let us know if the airport remains closed for more than a couple of months, and we'll mark it as "closed" in the database.

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Closed Aerodrome

Due to Mount Gamalama Eruption, this Airport has been closed from the St. Baabulah Airport Staff, 201112/05.

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Airport City Name

The airport on Mangole island is located in the town of Falabisahaya.

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Riots (August 2007)

There were riots at this airport on August 22, 2007, with four protesters shot by police, and the airport was temporarily closed: