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campo di volo EUROFLY

farm constructed little ULM airplane this farm have the airfield.

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(no subject)

Airport is the largest international airport

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Segnalo Campo volo alla lista VENETA ho poche informazioni su questo campo ma so che esiste chiuque di voi lo conosce perfavore mandate un feedback

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Excellent grass runway

The airport is very well maintained with friendly staff. Conveniently located just a few minutes from the cosy town of Caorle.

Service shop and a small restaurant on the premises.

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the airport I use most frequently

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Great strip for the summer!

650 m long, grass, good for a small single engine.

Welcoming people during the weekend, beautiful sport area with two swimming pools, tennis courts, football, volley, minigolf.

Also a gym.

Good restaurant (fresh local fish).

radio : 118.625

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Homepage of the restaurant


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No comment, just look at the image!

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(no subject)

The Verona APP frequency is 135.90

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any idea for accomodation close to Lido?

Hi guys, I am planning amy very first trip to Lido airport, just for the weekend and I want to stay for 2 nights? Does anyone have an idea where to stay for that time? I do not want to pay overpriced hotels, Iยดm an ordinary aviation enthusiast without a vallet stuffed with hundred euro bills, but I want to visit as many places as possible. Spending money on my timebuilding now and want something affordable. Thanks for every reasonable idea in advance, I am more than sure that I am not the only one who will appreciate any reccomendation.

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LIDI not exist, is closed

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Beautiful view from the window of your plane

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re: closed !

Closed since 1976 according to Wikipedia.

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closed !

this airport is closed !

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useful infos

This airport is closes at night. RNW 26 (right-hand pattern) preferred. Parachute activity in the weekends and holidays. Soaring activity frequent.

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Not recomended for general aviation -smal plane

landing for less than 1 ton MTOW 2 persons was more than 88 euro. No AVGAS refuling possible if not arranged prior arrival.

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flight cancellation dublin

Trying to find reason for today flight cancellation to dublin.cant find any! Hope it was for good reason cos sitting in dive with hubby watching champions go to bed in worst place ever stayed in!

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nice airport, nice place

Landing was 31 EUR for a C152 (2 people). Friendly staff.

Boat ride from the airport to Venice would cost 100 EUR ! Better head to Lido center on foot and use the Vaporetto station (waterbus).

Had some difficulties with the flight plan because the PC in the briefing room didn't send the flight plan.

Will come again !

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NDB PDV Decommissioned

NDB PDV 285 kHz decommissioned Dec 2010.

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Cortina Airport information

Please, we are planning a trip to LIDI airport, however we are find some kind of difficult to reach somebody over there, does you guy have any phone number or e-mail from LIDI Airport.

Thank you

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Nice people, had good time w them during my short stay.


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Nice people

I recommend Thiene airport, is small but easy to find.

People I met very kind and polite, good food and lot of enthusiasts of our sport.


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very nice place to visit

994m long the grass RWY is 05/23.we can find 100ll.the cost is 2,8 the liter.people working there is very kind.notam,metar,taf are avaliable.they intend to put internet for pilot in order to consult map and meteo site.we paid only 35 euros taxes for 3 days:1 PA28 and 3 people.

very easy to go in town ,after 15mn walk you take the boat vaporetto to go to san marco for example.have a nice trip.


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Treviso-Venice Airport

Finally one quiet, dissent and possitive airport in Europe. Espresso is just amazing. Staff busy but smiling. Weather always sunny even when is raining. Thank you Treviso we will come again, indeed.

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