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airfield seized

12 Nov 2019 Fifty thousand square meters of plant that operated "in the absence of the most elementary safety rules" with the hangar, as well as other buildings used as warehouses and fuel storage, "without a fire prevention certificate". The Naval Station of Termoli of the Guardia di Finanza has seized the Ultravolo plant in Rio Vivo. The seals were triggered as part of an economic and financial police service operation ordered by the Aeronavale Operational Department aimed at ascertaining the ability to pay for people in possession of aircraft. The Finance has therefore discovered that the plant, which insists on arable land owned by the municipality had been granted on loan for free use, has no fences and is located near the road and numerous houses, constituting, in fact, a danger to "public and private safety. The person in charge of the structure - reads a note from the Finance Department - does not have a register in which departing and arriving air traffic is noted, a circumstance that makes the airfield a potential source of danger for the expected public order. the looming terrorism alarm and since the Molise coasts are historically affected by criminal penetrations from the Balkans with particular regard to international drug trafficking. The plant, whose appurtenances (about 500 square meters) were built mainly in the absence of the required authorizations and concessions, is located in a Site of Community Interest (SIC) for the protection of local fauna and an area subject to landscape constraints, therefore subject to more stringent regulations ". The plant manager was then reported to the competent judicial authority for violations in urban planning, landscape, environmental and safety matters. The Fire Brigade and the Municipal Technical Office have been activated for the relevant aspects.

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