Piedmont, Italy

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Aviosuperficie Megolo

airfield of the Italian Rescue Corps of the Order of Malta....AIRFIELD CONDITIONS: The track is in the grass with a beaten limestone bottom

WARNINGS: Presence of tall trees nearing the THR 12. Contact the operator before reaching the airfield..

OTHER INFO hangar and parking price: 20 €/day landing fee: no staff available on: normally weekend

SERVICES nearest gas station: 5 km

TOURING restaurant: There is a small recreational club adjacent to the RWY, with sport fishing pond.

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Fixed location.

GAP is an aeromodeling (R/C) field located just to the SE of the larger general aviation airport. Note that it is far shorter than the listed 1969'.

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Campo di volo

Segnalo un nuovo campo di volo alla lista Piemontese

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From where you van fly to Alessandria AirPort

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Merged the duplicates.

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Great airfield to plan an Italy/France leg.

This airfiled is located just few mile before Valle Argentera, the best point to cross using small airplanes the Italian France border.

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Reported as being "private" or "only accepting local traffic"

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Double entry, mr admin pls remove

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Castelnuovo Don Bosco

This field is home to the ICP factory of ultralight aeroplanes.

There are a couple of bedrooms available for visiting pilots.

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in this airport there is also a glider club and a glider school. It is a very good place because the airport is very close to the alps and in front of the Susa valley

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TO16-6 Aviosuperficie Mazze' Prati Nuovi

I was there in a beautiful day of September 2010 with an ultralight.

Quiet place, friendly people.

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LIMZ - Cuneo Levaldigi

Ideal airport for light aircraft training. Long runway little traffic.

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