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Campo volo Costa D'argento

the airfield in the past was closed, but later used for other skydive and rc-airplane activities. there go the model airplanes of the g.v.c.a. group (Gruppo Volo Costa d'Argento).

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Eliporto isola di Giannutri

Emergency Heliport island Giannutri

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Aviosuperfecie di Giannutri

very dangerous airfield due to closed short landings.

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Picture of Skyrinrainer

hompage of the flying school

hompage of the flying school www.girofly.com

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homepage of the airport


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General info

Military and civilian airport, very close to the city

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is there a flight from FCO TO GROSSETO?

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Add frequencies Lucca/Tassignano

The frequencies of Lucca/Tassignanto AFIS is 122.500 MHz.

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Dirt Runway - Oct.2011

Myself and a friend landed here in two Flight Design CTSWs and we both got nose-wheel punctures from thorns, most likely as we taxied off the western end of the dirt runway - it has to be said that the nose tyres on these planes have little tread even when new and that our main-wheels and the wheels on other heavier aircraft did not seem to be affected.

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grosseto italy

it is military airport, but there are some flyth from scandinavian tour operator


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