Chiapas, Mexico

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(no subject)

Does this airport fly to Mrxico City ?

Via AeroMexico Airlines.

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Nice New airport

Alot of walking to file

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Large Runways

Long runways and tower with NO traffic.

Very helpful people on the ground

Easy in and out

Long way to ruins but worth it !!

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Aerolineas en MMPQ

Interjet sera la primera aerolínea comercial en volar MMMX - MMPQ

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re: Formerly MMTG/TGZ

Paul: according to the Wikipedia page, it's GA-only now -- no scheduled airline service. I don't know how Mexico has sorted out identifiers, since the ICAO Guide gives only the city name, not the airport name.

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re: Formerly MMTG/TGZ

So is it closed, or what?

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Formerly MMTG/TGZ

This airport handled scheduled airline service into Tuxtla Gutiérrez until May 2006, when it was superceded by Angel Albino Corzo International Airport. The new airport took over the ICAO and IATA identifiers from this airport. If you visited central Chiapas before May 2006, this is the airport you flew into.

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New Airport

This airport opened in May 2006, replacing Francisco Sarabia National Airport for scheduled airline service into Tuxtla Gutiérrez in Chiapas. It took over the ICAO and IATA identifiers from Francisco Sarabia at that time.

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