Coahuila, Mexico

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Picture of rstan

Not been here yet !!

Tried to plan a flight here but had to do lots of homework just to find out the the runway was closed for maintenance

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re: New or old?

Yeah, it's 1410. I've edited it.

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re: New or old?

I think you're right, Paul. I've added the new airport and move the codes over there. Do you happen to have an elevation for the new airport (MMCC)?

Picture of ptomblin

New or old?

DAFIF has a different airport, "Ciudad Acuna Intl New", with the same ICAO code (MMCC) just a short distance away at 29.333917 -101.100892. Both locations look like airports in the satellite picture, although the other one has modern runway markings and this one doesn't. I wonder if this one has closed and re-opened at 29.333917 -101.100892?

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