Querétaro, Mexico

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The World's First Airport* Dedicated Strictly to Unmanned Dr

The world's first airport designed specifically for unmanned aircraft boasting a 2 ac 20,519ft² runway, will be opening in Mexico, near Queretaro named " Alfa, Charlie, Union, Lima, Charlie, Oscar" as a first step in getting UAVs and drone pilots working together in the same airspace.

The purpose of this training and flight site is to figure out how to safely and ethically fly unmanned aerials systems in the national air space, just like a manned aircraft is flown.

The sky is literally the limit. The opening of various new aerospace plants in Mexico (since 2010) indicates the industry's confidence in Mexico's capabilities as the country's battered economy emerges from recession. Mexico has a fantastic climate diversity and large amount of air space located in areas that is very remote, where there is no chance of causing a safety problem.


Drone prototypes continue to be developed and tested in Mexico. In other words, advanced unmanned commercial systems might as well have nowhere to fly at all. In the meantime, by not dragging its feet for another fifteen years, Mexico will draw unmanned systems developers that are serious about integrating their robotic systems into a national airspace to its shores for development and testing.

The industry is moving forward. Mexico will be the first country with drone airport, the very first flight, testing and training site.

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