Jalisco, Mexico

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Runway A-OK (in the middle)

Longest DT that I’ve ever overflown (3300’), but that’s the crumbing half. The remainimg usable runway is in fine condition, far better than the ramp which will need a gingerly low-power taxi to minimize flinging FOD. Speaking of taxis, get that pre-arranged with your lodging because you are quite a way from the handsome town. We loved the Casona de Tete near the center. Only five rooms! A truly worthwhile, memorable stop.

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re: Location

Reply to @Bill35: Updated.

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Runway 14 - 32

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My airport

Elevation 5010ft


Runway length 2230 ft

Runway q45-32

Radio freq 123.40

No fuel

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Runway is actually in Jalisco. Buenavista Tomatlán is in Michoacán.

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Excellent Airport BUT

The security system is a pain the butt.

You can not go through security with passengers unless you have a stamped flight plan and it is a LONG walk for the security gate the the COmandante's office.

Good restaurant and helpful avionics and maintenance people on the field.

Reasonable landing fees and parking.

Easy access to fuel but some personel have an attitude and are always on Mexican Time.

Nice golf course nearby !!

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Airport CLOSED

Did not renew license

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re: Were's the VOR?

Reply to @ptomblin: Oh wait, that one's already there. Just click the "navaids" checkbox. Not sure what else the original commenter could be commenting on.

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re: Were's the VOR?

Reply to @david: I've got a VOR with the id PVR named "VALLARTA" at 20.673094,-105.257497. I think the frequency is 116.6.

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re: Were's the VOR?

I'd be very grateful for the information about the VOR (latitude, longitude, identifier, name, frequency, etc.) so that we can add it to the database.

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Were's the VOR?


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