Airport comments for Oaxaca, Mexico

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Runways 18 36

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re: re: closed?

Reply to @dmomper: It's data that the CoPilot app for iPhone pays for which I'm not allowed to share with the rest of the world except through the iPhone app. I'd love to give a full dump to this site, but I'll have to settle for just manually verifying things people say in the comments.

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re: closed?

Reply to @ptomblin: Thanks for the quick confirmation! What is the EAD data that you refer to? Is this a publicly available source on airport info?

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re: closed?

Reply to @dmomper: It was in EAD data up until 2015-06-29 with ICAO code 'MMPO", but now it's gone.

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As best I can tell, this airport has no actual code assigned. Doing a code search on IATA's site ( for PNO yields no results. I suspect the airport might be closed. Can anybody else verify?

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A nice AirPort

It is a nice airport