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Worth the trip for the Fish & Chips

Make sure you check their website about fuel availability as it isn't constant.

There is a $5 landing fee, if the attendant is there you pay him, otherwise it's on the honour system. They're trying to raise funds to redo the runway and they are currently at 150K / 990K, so don't be a jerk, and make sure you pay even if there is no one collecting.

Call Herberts and they'll pick you up and drop you off, though the walk isn't too bad ~1.5Km.

It's a very popular fly in spot so you can expect a fair bit of traffic. Communicate on the radio and keep an eye out!

You can also get fuel at Manitoulin East or Parry Sound, which are a bit cheaper.

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Good spot!

Great fuel stop. 100LL was $1.99/L tax included.

Staff was friendly and helpful!

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Great little airport. Fantastic buttertarts!

Known for their legendary buttertarts, be sure to add this to your list for the 100$ hamburger.

Occasional wildlife, so keep an eye out, and it's a popular training spot.

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Great little airport - Noone home

Arrived on Friday evening at ~6pm from Barrie. No one was home to answer unicom. Landed and the terminal was empty, they close at 5pm but leave the front open for transient pilots to use the washrooms, get coffee, or borrow a bike if need be. Beware that means there is no one for the fuel pumps and it is $100 to call out (on top of fuel, not waved for min purchase) so if you're arriving after 5 plan accordingly for fuel.

Take off over lake Erie was fun! Great airport, will be back!

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Oh My God, the fish!

I was there yesterday (July 3/11). No real terminal and no staff for fuel. Call ahead or make sure you have enough for a return trip. When you get there, there is a little box attached to the 'terminal' with the guest book. Inside this box is the phone number for Herberts fish & chips. They will gladly come pick you up and drop you off! There are 2 towers on the NW side of the field and a smaller one on the South side to be aware of. This is kind of remote so a walk into town is necessary or arrange something with this fish and chip guys or the local outfitters. And Lord Thundering Jesus the fish! The best fish and chips ever! Yesterday they had fresh whitefish that they catch themselves. They are a fresh fish market that also batters and fries them so you know you are getting the freshest and the best.

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Nice Airport

Has a parallel taxiway going halfway down the runway. Neat airplanes parked and a really nice little terminal.

A great place to visit!

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Nice little strip, was there yesterday for precautionary trng. Ended up doing a soft field landing. Really neat place!

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Great Aerodrome!

A blast from the past, posters inside depicting their vibrant past as an airforce base. You can almost hear the Harvards buzzing in the background, nice layout good fuel prices, great service. I haven't eaten at the cafe yet but I imagine I will soon!

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Great Airport!

Staff are very friendly. Lots of planes to look at! 100LL really well priced, same price as Lake Simcoe usually but with the tax allready factored in so you end up saving quite a bit of money! Beautiful location, you cant beat a nice flight over wasaga beach!

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Not Very GA Friendly.

The staff there are great but the airport in general seems to be more concerned with the corporate jet scene. Avgas is expensive ~1.55L + GST. I usually go to collingwood because it is usually much cheaper! Good runway to practice on, there are two flight schools there Future Air and Canadian Flyers International.

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Communications in this area can be a little tricky. Orillia is on 122.8, Lake Simcoe is on 122.7. There is always some traffic over the narrows and everyone is n their own frequency. Keep a vigilant eye out for other traffic!

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I almsot forgot.....

Left Hand circuits for 07 and right hand circuits for 25. UNICOM is 123.00.

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Great Airport

2100' Long.

Watch for pot hole on West side of taxiway/runway intersection aswell as at the end of 25. Hump in the middle.

No fuel available for purchase. 5 Minute car ride from Mall, Restaurants, etc.

Friendly environment. Good Location, beautiful scenery.

Hope to see you there!