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An-124 just arrived

for what purpose?

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It is a bit confusing, keep your eyes on your guides

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re: Customs

Reply to @Warrior:

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PPR compulsary

PPR compulsary for non based aircraft

2300 m long, 125.65 twr

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Terminal closure

Went this week and terminal openish! Chambre de commerce man there to pay landing fee to & bar open.

When terminal closed there is a side gate if you can get the code from someone & then get a fantastic Relais meal two mins walk from front door, 12/50euros for 4 courses, exceptional value.

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Multiple IATA/ICAO codes

According to Wikipedia (and verified in IATA code search) this airport has three active IATA codes: "BSL (Basel) is the Swiss code, MLH (Mulhouse) is the French code and EAP (EuroAirport) is the neutral code."

Is there a good way to store all three values in the IATA field? Maybe all three codes separated by delimiting characters something like "BSL/EAP/MLH"? Or must there only be one IATA code?

It also appears to have two ICAO codes: LFSB and LSZM.

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Rwy is 04/22 instead 05/23

There is an error about the rwy

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new info

Previous comment seems no more valid: the field has now been assigned an ICAO code LFJY and is home to at least one aeroclub.

Info from

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LFLP Briefing

Airport is surrounded of mountainous terrain. Missed approach from rwy 04 requires strict inherence to speed limitations ( max 160kt) during climb and turns. Check your applicable minima when you have only received verbal/ theoratical briefing/training. In such case be aware that you are limited to daylight operation min VIS 5000m and CEIL 3000ft only.

Consider required performance for Landing due to displayed thresholds on both rwy ends. (lowest LDA 3,5°GS 3694ft or Visual 4423ft only!!)

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Airport closed

This airport is closed since 08/01/2011

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Please note that this is a former NATO airbase. It is now closed and used from time to time for hot balloons shows.


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Is just filing the flight plan adequate for customs notice?

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Wrong location

Clamensane is located about 10-20 km north...

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Domme airstrip

A little gem of an airstrip we 'discovered' by flying down the Dordogne from Bergerac. Suddenly this pretty airstrip set about 1000' above the Dordogne rivet on top of an escarpment came into view and we just had to land there. Local frequency air to air calls in French, but it's very quiet and easy to see if anything is going on. A short walk into Domme and the most perfect omelette at the Hotel Esplenade comes highly recommended too!

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Displaced threshold

QFU 09, the threshold is displaced when the car racetrack is used.

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The restaurant on the airfield is excellent

I was there with some friends yesterday Thursday 21 May, 2015. Flying in from Luxembourg (ELLX)

We had lunch at the restaurant on the airfield.

The "entrecôte" (steak) I had was the best I ever ate during my past (65) years: tender, no fat, tasty.

BTW, the landing tax was 8.5 €, quite reasonable.

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Base aérodrome école de pilotage

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Tour de piste & seuils décalés

La mise à jour de la carte VAC précise :

. les Tours de Piste (Avion / ULM/ planeurs) se font à l'Est du terrain,

. les seuils de piste sont décalés.

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Taken aback.

One of the most congested airports I have ever been in. Good exercise though, as walking is the only way to really navigate through the maze of people, carts and refuse. Surprised that it was so dirty as the French are usually meticulous regarding their public areas.

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Airfield Owner.

Please would you provide the contact details for the land owner of the airfield.

Many thanks,

Stew Brown

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Mon aérodrome

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Is it international?

Is it international?

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GA Pilots useful info

Last visit: summer 2014

Fuel: Avgas available, during summertime check also thru notam or by phone for any fuel supply limitation

Parking and landing fees: PPR (6h) required during summer for the parking availability (parking on grass for single engine aircraft).

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Is it open on Sundays? I am flying in with a friend on Sunday 14 September and would like to have a light lunch. Many thanks, Roy from Redhill.

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French Air Force base

Not open for public use. This base is the home of the French 'fighter pilot' school. Other nations (including Belgium) are training there on the A-jet aircraft. Can be pretty busy and expect student pilots in solo flying around.

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My Feedback

Quite a cool and creative donut design for T1.Biggest and best airport I have been to.

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misc info

Runway gradient of 18.5%

No go around possible, no RWY heading painted on RWY

Ranked as the seventh most dangerous airport in the world

Beware of wires for ski lifts in area

Two nice photos

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Airfield first impression

First time in Pons Avy...After being careful to avoid the Cognac Air Force Base areas all around, max alt 1500 ft QNH and 3000 ft around Cognac CTR when Combat areas activated, we achieve our trip to Pons. Beautiful site, middle of fields and vineyards. Runway with downslope (31), but long enough, with a little hill north of the airfield that gives to the situation a great sighting. Calm and peaceful, sympathetic guys in local airclub. Great experience.

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The manner city

On to see the bone the houses in the cities, visitors usually instinctively ask how come the houses systematically

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Very friendly airport !

No head hack at all.

You can rent bycle at the airport or scooter (the best):

Our fees for 24 hours:

Cessna 310

2-3T: 12.20€

Parking: 13.20€


Summer time, parking is often full.

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Civil activity

Small Aeroclub with 5 à/c including 3 Robin DR 400 (2014)

Flight school with 6 part time FI

only open to based a/c

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St Florentin

large runway.

nothing special, easy place to go in & out.

Glider & Skydiving activity.

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AVGAS 100?

Do they have AVGAS 100?

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LFSB is the homebase of Motorfluggruppe Basel

Visit us in the General Aviation sector ("zone nord") or on the web.

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You are a VIP when you arrive at LaMôle SaintTropez Airport

We arrived this week twice with the Cirrus SR22T G3. A special Airport Intro is required for foreign Pilots. Handling-Crew and all Staff here is very Service-orientated. The Airport and environment is beautiful! Do you wish to fly there? I am glad to accompany you as Flight Instructor or SafetyPilot for your first flight there. Just call +4179 6715538.

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Yutz field closed

Sadly closed in 2013. Local pilots hope to create an ULM runway one day.

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great airfield

With friendly helpful staff, handy for Belle isle, and the food in the harbour of Quiberon is first class.

Reasonable fuel prices.and landing charges.

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how an airport should be

Friendly staff, relaxed but safe , great food and facilities. Efficient fuel service ( needs ul91!)

Only Compton Abbas in the UK comes anywhere close.

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Comment about site

Bloody useless!

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Two names.

Weirdly, the AIP calls this Aerodrome Brive Souillac, but the official website calls it Aeroport de Brive Vallee de la Dordogne.

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Missing NDB

The NDB FC 395 is missing

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Brive-La Roche is closed

LFBV Brive-La Roche is closed since 2010.

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Toul Rosières Air Base is closed

LFSL Toul Rosières Air Base is closed since 2005.

The ICAO code LFSL was reused for the new airport Brive-Souillac in 2010. METAR, TAF and Notam are all for Brive !

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For me ... The best welcome you can find in France !

Go in Niort, they'll do everything for you !

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Le Touquet

Very nice welcome, easy and helpfull, a place to land :)

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Custom at arrival, lot of headhack ... WELCOME !

Very, very bad souvenirs due to the Custom's welcome.

Either, bar/restaurant/shop: EXCELLENT ambiance, nice & friendly people.

Still, I'll avoid Cherbourg due to custom.

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Good airport !

Bordeaux-Mérignac airport is, according to me, a good airport : it is clean, not too big so it is easy to see where you have to go, unlike Paris Charles de Gaulle ! This airport offers some interesting destinations in France, Europe and the whole world ! :)


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Possibly the worst airport in the Western World,on a par with Mombassa in Kenya!!!!!!

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during seasonal wilds fires, priority use of airport is for "Protection civile" fire aircrafts: CL215, Q400 and so on

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Gas station open from S/S to S/R 7/7

night O/R

AUB beacon definitely U/S

GNSS procedure envisaged further

LDG lights for night VFR, perhaps in 2014