Cebu Province, Philippines

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Few chair for passenger

Wow you call it international airport but few chairs only i can count on my bare hands. Just passing through Cebu but this is the worst airport thus far I had experienced. Most of us standing coz we cant also do early check- in and to top of it all we pay terminal fee and travel tax but no comfort at all

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First time

Hello okay ba yung mga IO SA CEBU? or medyo masungit ?

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unsay balita sa mga officer diha sa cebu? mangwartahay ba?

unsay balita sa mga officer diha sa cebu? mangwartahay ba?

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awesome airport well expanded... not huge but net.

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Left Behind

Go to airports in countries in asia and get an indication just how backward this one is in Cebu.

Still have to pay departure fee not like other countries who have it inclusive in the airfare,forget any form of Wi Fi for free ,doesn't exist,taxis outside an absolute joke and no organisation.

When is the Philippines going to get off it's lazy backside and reach the world as it is now instead of trying to rip everybody off,amazes me it's a democracy and Vietnam is communist and no second guess who comes second in the capability stakes.

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Cebu Mactan Spotter

Great Site To See Our Arrival and Depatures......A Spotter is a Airplane Photographer as A Hobby!

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My home iairport

Having flown in and out of Cebu to date 14 times.Sydney Manila Cebu.

Five star sevice always.

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Cebu International, where Magellan came to stay

Another former USAF Base, Mactan is joint use now with the airlines and the Philippine Air Force. The terminal is small, only about 6 gates but quite modern. A really huge contrast with the much better known NAIA in Manila 400 miles to the north. Cebu is the "queen city" of the southern Philippines and an interesting destination, much more laid back than other Asian cities. The airport is actually in the municipality of Lapu-Lapu named after one of the original residents (also known as the Kaliph Pulaka) who wasn't exactly overcome with joy at the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 and showed his displeasure by ending Magellan's voyage (and life) on the shore just north and east of the departure end of runway 4.

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