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I can see that the last comments on here was we are in to 2016 and nothing seems to be happening with the airport. Given the tourist pull, perhaps Cebu Pacific or one of the smaller airlines should once again try to fly in say twice or three times a week. Travel from Laoag or Manila is long and not well connected in flights in to, or out of, Laoag

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Control Tower

Why? Is there a tower already in the said airport? Where is it located? Yes, if there is one then it could be an international standards already!

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longer runway!

well, if this is the reason then I heard over the radio in Vigan that local officials already announced the start of construction. I hope and pray that this be done the earliest time coz malls in Vigan are overtakingly sprouting one after the other. Meaning people are coming heavily to Vigan, the cultural and commercial center, and the center of politics and religion! The church in Vigan is an Archdicoese.

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reasons for commercial flights to come

Vigan is the old Ciudad Fernandina, the ecclessiastical center of the North, center of education, trade and commerce, a UNESCO protected cultural heritage, it was declared by UNESCO which no one is a UNESCO City except for Vigan. Vigan City is a metropolitan surrounded by 5 municipalities. It is the third oldest city / settlement in the Philippines which is manifested by the old commercial districts and residential structures . It is a tourist center and destination. It is so close to the province of Abra having no airport.

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needs to put lights along the runway, a tower and a big terminal to attract airlines to operate. Vigan is a very strategic location economically, in military & air defense, because Vigan lies at the shores of the West Philippine Sea near Macau, Hon Kong, Hanoi, Bangkok , Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam).

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re: It needs lighting also!

there should be cheaper flights. considering there are flights in Laoag going to manila for only Php999.

Php2,500.00 is just so expensive.

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did the flight push thru???

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Hello guys.

Hello guys... Is Vigan Airport the First airport in Northern Luzon? When it was established? Dr. Rabena of UNP, Do you have some info regarding this pls?

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Flight schedule

Can we know the flights schedules of SEAIR? Thanks it has been advertized in the SEAIR website. More info please. MAny passengers and tourists are interested. Is it daily or thrice a week? More power SEAIR! Welcome to Vigan! This is Dr. Alfredo Rabena.

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It needs lighting also!

Yes, I suggest the lighting s that it will be functional night and day and I believe a control tower for wider navigation. This was the first airport in the north.

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Upgraded already!

I have seen to be capable of handling flights already. It is well paved, secured with a perimeter fence all around the airport. There was commercial before prior to the upgrading and we heard of SEAIR coming ! First flight is Feb. 25, 2011! Thanks ! This airport serves llocos Norte, Abra, La Union and Ilocos Sur. There is no airport in Abra, just 20 min away from Vigan. I wll be AN ECONOMIC EVENT to watch because of the commercial flights.

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