Palawan Province, Philippines

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Fine, but...

The whole trip was awesome. But when we bought something (food) at the airport before checking in, we decided na hand carry na lang sana yung pasalubong. Nung nagtingin kami sa display na paninda the exp. Date is on Dec.15 (we’re there dec.12) but yung sinupot nyang pasalubong the Dec.11. Haaays nasayang yung ilang pasalubong. (We bought dun sa guy na nagtitinda) It’s better if check nyo mabuti kahit nakaplastic na.

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Angelito Abique - Palawan Airport Tourist Police Officer should be highly commended for his excellent service and support. I had purchased a Philipino Askrima weapon and was not able to carry onboard. The tourist Police Officer at the Palawan airport, Angelito Abique offered to post the stick to an address in Manila where I could retrieve it before boarding my flight home to Australia.

This wonderful man posted the stick the same day as promised and even sent the tracking number so we could be sure.

Thankyou so much for the excellent service and support. I have found all the Filipinos to be very helpful and polite. A great country and a great people.

I visited in June 2017 and i will certainly return.

Leanne Gunn - Melbourne Vic Australia

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Cute and friendly

Now double the size but still small :-)

Very fast luggage claim.

Nice welcome with local hymn: "Puertooo-Princesaaaa!"

Good and close hotels to airport: Moana, Blue Lagoon, Badjao, Floral Villarosa

Good resort on Puerto - Honda Bay: Jungle Beach Resort

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re: Travel

It's funny how the Philippine government don't realize the impact of a good airport in attracting more foreigners. Regardless of the tourist spots we have, if the impression is always bad when they were welcomed at the airport, we can never go far. Found an infographic at on why Philippine airports suck. Very interesting read.

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Saang airport po yong mlapit as tourist spots as Palawan?

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tower frequency

123.20 for tower frequency for Francisco B. Reyes Airport

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Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

Nice travel destination for those that like ocean resorts and love to scuba dive.

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