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As an ex Pilot and Lover of the Philippine Islands . I can Only encourage such a plan as to Improving Ubay Airstrip into a fully renowned Ubay Airport equal to Panglao

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Good to upgrade

Since Bohol has limited options for aircraft, improvements to Ubay is a good thing.

Emergency landings for bigger planes.

Ability to support disaster recovery with larger fixed wing aircraft.

Increased tourism.

An additional runway between Tagbilaran and Ubay would be a good future project.

Good luck,

Neil S

Inabanga, Bohol

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Tagbilaran Airport

This airport will soon be replaced by Panglao Island International Airport (PIIA) upon its completion, which will then become ICAO: RPVT and IATA: TAG. See:

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Development of Ubay Airport as "Tourism Gateway" for the nor

Runway is small at 400m maximum. To the northern end of the runway are some housing and the sea. The southern end is at hills. In other words, pie-in-the-sky.

Once white elephant in Panglao is more than enough.

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Development of Ubay Airport as "Tourism Gateway" for the nor

As the Local Chief Executive of the municipality of Ubay, Bohol, it is my great dream that the long-time sleeping airstrip that was catering the Filipino-American soldiers using their aircrafts during the second World War and the post war era, will be developed and be given much attention by the national leadership of President Noynoy Aquino thru CAAP, because I believe that once operational with complete navigational facilities, it would greatly enhance economic development in the area specifically for Ubay and the neighboring towns in this northeastern basin of the beautiful province of Bohol.

At present, the airport has 300-meter concrete pavement constructed during the time of late Governor Erico B. Aumentado and former Congressman Roberto Cajes, thanks for their tireless efforts and concerns for Ubay. We had already a prior meeting with now Cong. Erico Aristotle Aumentado, the emerging leadership tycoon of Bohol and son of late governor Erico Aumentado, together with some CAAP personnel re; future development of this facility. The honorable Governor Edgardo M. Chatto (LP) also showed interest to facilitate the improvement of the aforesaid airport.

With the "Build Bohol Back Better" program of the government, I can feel it in my heart that the National Government, thru His Excellency President Benigno Simeon Aquino III will provide the best option for the fulfillment of this dream and definitely implement the rehabilitation/enhancement of the Ubay, Bohol Airport to sustain development in the Eco-Tourism-rich island province of Bohol.

Thank you and God Bless Ubay!

From MAYOR GALICANO E. ATUP, Ubay, Bohol, Philippines

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5 star sevice

Hace flown in or out of RPVT several times.

Always found excellent assistance and friendly advise


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