Quezon Province, Philippines

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It's a small strip. Easy landing and takeoff.

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Lucena Airport & Semirara Airport

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_airports_by_ICAO_code:_R#RP_%E2%80%93_Philippines indicates that ICAO: RPUE has been re-assigned to Semirara Airport (formerly RPSR): "RPUE – Semirara Airport – Caluya, Antique (formerly assigned to Lucena Airport – Lucena City)"

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Lucena Airport (RPUE)

This is a highway strip airfield as it is primarily used by motor vehicles, trucks and buses. Aviation use is limited to general aviation. I have to wonder with all the civilian traffic, how aircraft land without hitting a more vehicles or pedestrian as there is no control tower.

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