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Eliporto di Castellana grotte

tourist area of ​​the famous underground caves of limestone nature

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Eliporto ospedale di acquaviva

Emergency heliport hospital acquaviva

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Elipoirto E.I.

military Heliport Italian army

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Eliporto Ospedale di Bari

Heliport Emergency of Bari

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Eliporto marina guardiacostiera di Bari

Heliport of coast guard of Bari

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Eliporto Carabinieri di Bari

Heliport Carabineri Bari

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Eliporto Polizia di stato Bari

Heliport police departement Bari

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Eliporto dei vigili del fuoco bari

Heliport fire departement Bari

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Eliporto vigili del fuoco

heliport fire departement

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Eliporto Guardia di Finanza

heliport of Guradia di finanza

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Eliporto di emergenza

Emercency heliport Hospital Altamura

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Elisuperficie di Fortuna

free helipad for emergency and test flight.

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Elisuperficie la Quercia

elipad in the center of airfield

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Elisuperficie Nido delle aquile

elipad in the airfield.

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Militatry Helipad of Trani

i Report this military area for elicpter italian army.

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Looking for

Hello anybody here po na may kilala na pwede mag escort sa airport going to u.a.e?pls anyone po na may kilala na nakapag pa escort na po.pki msg.po aq dto po..i need po asap..willing to pay..

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Eliporto di Barletta

Emergency heliport hospital of Barletta

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Eliporto di Cerignola

emergency heliport Hospital of Cerignola

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Elisuperficie zona industriale foggia

report another Heliport foggia

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Elisuperficie San severo

this is play area for remote controll airveicle whit a good space for elicopter

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Military heliport mont Jacotenente

No more in formation.

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Heliport PalagruΕΎa island

i report heliport in this Croatian island

I saw it as closed, as boats are used to reach the island I have never seen the presence of helicopters.

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Eliporto Vico del Gargano

I reporto another heliport in Gargano.

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Hi, naoffload ako kagabi sa clark airpot... Pwede pa ba ako magtry ulit? Mrn ba pwede makatulong sa akn pls.?

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re: bad runway

Reply to @flopp: Great catch -- thanks! Fixed.

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Eliporto Isola di S.NICOLA

another heliport to arcipelog Tremiti Island S.Nicola.

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Unusual IATA code "MDN" vs FAA LID "IMS"

The IATA still assigns the code "MDN" to this airport:

However, based on a problem report, it appears the airport itself does not choose to brand itself under that identifier: "MDN is not associated with our airport. It’s just IMS. Please take the MDN information off or please send me where you are getting information so that I can get it corrected. I’m the airport manager for the airport and I have been tracking down the source of this misinformation. Thanks"

Since IATA, and not the airport, controls the IATA codes, we will be keeping that code here for now. It would be best if the airport authority reached out directly to IATA to have the "MDN" code deleted.

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re: VOR Freqency

Thank you for the comment. There is an NDB (and possibly a colocated DME) on the island, both according to our database and to the Skyvector chart, but no sign of a VOR. Perhaps it would be best to get in touch with the airport or the national aviation authority for more information.

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Eliporto isola di Giannutri

Emergency Heliport island Giannutri

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Aviosuperfecie di Giannutri

very dangerous airfield due to closed short landings.

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Opening 31 October 2020

This airport is opening to the public, after SchΓΆnefeld (visible just to the north) closed on 25 October 2020.

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Closed on 25 October 2020

Closed and replaced by the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport immediately to the south.

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Eliporto Peschici

i report another alidaunia heliport

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Eliporto S.G. Rortondo

important religious tourist site where the remains of San Pio da Pietrelcina are found. and the house of Padre Pio.

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(no subject)

also direct routes to Rome Capital

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Alidaunia heliport center

I recommend this heliport for tourist destinations: Foggia, San Giovanni Rotondo, Vieste, Peschici, Tremiti Islands.

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Chimay code

Chimay-Saint Remy ICAO code is/was EBCS

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non-existent airfield no trace of runway or hangar

I went to the place, and I checked.

this airfield does not exist and is located in the CTR di gioia del colle.Report updated and closed.

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Campo di volo Marchese

This airfield is closed

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airfield seized

12 Nov 2019 Fifty thousand square meters of plant that operated "in the absence of the most elementary safety rules" with the hangar, as well as other buildings used as warehouses and fuel storage, "without a fire prevention certificate". The Naval Station of Termoli of the Guardia di Finanza has seized the Ultravolo plant in Rio Vivo. The seals were triggered as part of an economic and financial police service operation ordered by the Aeronavale Operational Department aimed at ascertaining the ability to pay for people in possession of aircraft. The Finance has therefore discovered that the plant, which insists on arable land owned by the municipality had been granted on loan for free use, has no fences and is located near the road and numerous houses, constituting, in fact, a danger to "public and private safety. The person in charge of the structure - reads a note from the Finance Department - does not have a register in which departing and arriving air traffic is noted, a circumstance that makes the airfield a potential source of danger for the expected public order. the looming terrorism alarm and since the Molise coasts are historically affected by criminal penetrations from the Balkans with particular regard to international drug trafficking. The plant, whose appurtenances (about 500 square meters) were built mainly in the absence of the required authorizations and concessions, is located in a Site of Community Interest (SIC) for the protection of local fauna and an area subject to landscape constraints, therefore subject to more stringent regulations ". The plant manager was then reported to the competent judicial authority for violations in urban planning, landscape, environmental and safety matters. The Fire Brigade and the Municipal Technical Office have been activated for the relevant aspects.

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Borgo Mezzanone military base.

Military base now used to host irregular immigrants and asylum seekers. the base is currently closed to other civil and military traffic.

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Campo di volo BATFLY

airfield located near the Ofanto river a very flat area but. In the summer it is fantastic to fly in this area and observe the famous saline di margherita di savoia thermal area and production of iodized salt with health properties. (Excellent for those suffering from thyroid gland.) .

Margherita di savoia is a very renowned tourist resort.

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Campo di volo Masseria modesti

excellent airfield but currently closed.

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Campo di volo Polignano Fly

airfield closed because it is close to the railway and close to an archaeological area but could be reactivated in the future, I mark it as closed.

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this airport and surrounding area are stunning

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Campo di volo PARETANO FLY

I report this airfield near MONOPOLI

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Dune Airpark (OSTUNI)

the airfield was seized by the carabinieri as it goes against the landscape rules being close to a regional park.

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(no subject)


Link Wikipedia:

Elevation AMSL 764 ft / 233 m

the airstrip may be closed

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(no subject)

the airfield Dune was closed and seized.