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Nice, Serves Herschel Island, Next To Two (Very Tiny) Seaports ON Herschel Island, (Port Yukon Seaport, Thirty-Eight Seaport)

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accidentally killed a penguin while landing here :((

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i hope they managed to check into their flight

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fun airport

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Flagged for removal

Never existed, not on topo maps or Freeman's Abandoned Airfields site.

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Flagged for removal

There's an even bigger problem here: this airport never existed. There is no trace of any airport having been on this site either in satellite imagery or any number of topographical maps going back to the beginning of aviation, nor is the site listed in any historical documentation or Paul Freeman's excellent website on abandoned and little-known airfields. Website owner notified.

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Flagged for removal

The ICAO code is fake. Kirby Cove has not been historically or currently the site of a seaplane base, particularly due to the rough waters on the seaward side of the Golden Gate preventing safe seaplane operations. Website owner has been notified.

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Flagged for removal

This "seaplane base" doesn't exist; this does not appear to be a safe landing zone as it is too narrow and surrounded by homes. Website owner has been notified.

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still hot

its still hot as balls

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Not sure why tagged as a "spam airport".

This definitely exists, clearly visible on Google and OSM sat-maps.

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Update 2021

Reopened as of September 2019, primarily being used to store aircraft for Vueling during the COVID crisis.

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(no subject)

Immaculate private airfield, when driving past runway looks good enough to land a private jet.

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No longer in use

Clipped by the border and no longer even entirely in Iraq!

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The Lowest Airport in the World

Between 1240 and 1266 ft below sea level, Bar Yehuda Airfield is the lowest altitude airport on the planet.

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FACTS About Old Hillsborough airport.

It was in the empty area Parallel to I-280, Had One Runaway and was very thin but long.

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Geographical quirk!

Despite being less than two miles from the sea, Madha Airport is in a landlocked exclave of Oman, completely surrounded by the UAE. There's also a smaller enclave of UAE land within the Madha territory. There are no border crossings in any case, as the relationship between the UAE and Oman in modern times is sufficiently cordial as to make this largely a non-issue.

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Tiny but Nice Las Trancas Airport.

Las Trancas Airport Is A Very Tiny Airport in many ideas, Its just a dirt airsrip off of Highway 1, However, Las Trancas Is A Nice Airport, And I want others to know that it is a tiny airport, Since it is so Small, The airport is only limited to Piston Single And Piston Agricultural Aircraft. I want to try buying a plane and landing on the rather tiny airstrip myself, but well not yet... It's right next to a Lumber yard off of Highway One thats right next to the airport, The Airport is a nice airport, but its unknown, Even to Locals Of Davenport! It dosen't even has its own wikipedia Page!

The Airport has a nice but very tiny building thats Clearly Visible When Driving On Highway 1 because it has a wind measuring cone on the top. Its Very Small.

Ideas With the airport:

Buy A Piston Single Or Piston Agricultural Plane And Land Here Yourself, if you want, land here multiple times.

When the place is not used, Help develop the runway by possibly painting it or making it wider by clearing off the grass.

Maybe Add Some Lights, So The Cabrillo Highway Travellers Can See The Beautiful Airport, Also Maybe A Generator.

Idk, reply 2 this comment and give more ideas on what to do with the airport or more facts about the Las Trancas airport.

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Following international practice

Most countries in the world do not recognise Russia's annexation of Crimea. Until/unless that changes, we will continue to list this airport is in an occupied region of Ukraine. Please do not edit to change that โ€” repeated efforts to change it will result in account suspension.

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Closed since 1977.

Microsoft Flight Simulator lists this, hilariously, as "USEU Severo-Kurilsk". Okeanskoye has been closed and unusable since at least the 1970s.

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Repurposing duplicate

Since I am unable to merge, I'm repurposing this heading for a different aviation facility in India.

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re: Crimea

Hi Bill35! In the current iteration of the database: neither Crimea nor Sevastopol are selectable as independent entities or as subdivisions of Russia, only as subdivisions of Ukraine. The United Nations continues to consider Crimea and Sevastopol as Ukrainian territory occupied by Russia. There are instances where OurAirports diverges from strict UN interpretation (ie. Taiwan, Kosovo) and note that the islands of the southern Kuril chain are reckoned as strictly Russian and not Japanese (mirroring decades of de facto control), but for the most part, I believe this site adheres to UN and IATA policy.

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This airport is in "Region": Autonomous Republic of Crimea(ะะฒั‚ะพะฝะพะผะฝะฐั ะ ะตัะฟัƒะฑะปะธะบะฐ ะšั€ั‹ะผ) ISO code UA-43.

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Remanded to Website Owner

I am too busy adding unlisted airports and heliports throughout the world to continue to deal with this regional spat. I have remanded this to the OurAirports administrator for an official decision. If he decides to add Crimea and Sevastopol as subdivisions of the Russian Republic, then that's up to him.

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Please stop moving this airport to Russia.

Unless and until the UN recognizes the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia, we should continue to list all airports in Crimea as being in Ukraine. There is no subdivision for Crimea or Sebastopol under the Russia heading. This is not the time or place for nationalistic sentiment -- this is simply abiding by the good-faith standards of database maintenance.

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Panu po makalusot sa immigration... Please email me poh for tips and req .... Thank u and Godbless

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Hello,any tips poh how to avoid offloading... Im going to sri lanka to attend my friends wedding... Natry q na kc maoffload last 2018 going to thailand... Please email me kng anu bah dpat gwin... Thank u...

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I am looking for escort

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Pano po kayo naka labas?ako kasi i just need to travel kahit 7 days lang

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@petunia have you travelled again po?

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Hi, whoever here been offloaded as tourist and make it in second time around? How did you do that pls email me

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(no subject)

Guys if ever offloaded, can we make another try ?

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To be reopened by 2023

Apparently under (re)construction as Vlorรซ International Airport.

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Great airport

Small but extremely efficient. Have used dozens of times and rarely been disappointed.

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Great airport but beware the taxi driver!

Nice and efficient.

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A very busy airport. Make sure you plan time for getting through immigration when booking any ferry boats.

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One if not the best airport

A great airport. Korean efficiency and service at its best.

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Nice place

Spent longer than planned here while waiting for the typhoon to pass. Everthing I need was there.

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Semaine 7

Terrain rรฉservรฉ aux appareils basรฉs du 16 au 22 fรฉvrier 2021 : terrain gras et abรฎmรฉ.

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Rounded coordinates for runways

While trying to fix VNLK runway location, I noticed that lat/lon coordinates were rounded to 4 decimals which, at the equator, gives a precision of about 11meters. I would think that an extra digit or two would not hurt in terms of DB size and would greatly enhance runway localization.

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Please update

Remove old ESKS (strรคngnรคs AB) as it is interfering with some programs using this database. Also this airport now has airliner service after a big expansion, ref wikipedia.

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New airport

Could this old please be removed as it is not existing anymore.

Please add the new ESKS instead. Scandinavian Mountains airport (IATA: SCR)

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Runway ident changed

My bad, runway ident has been updated to 27. However, I do not seem to be able to add/edit threshold coordinates. Any idea why?

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Runway ident changed

Runway 26 now appears to be runway 27 (as seen in google maps images). All changes I make in seem to be reverted (automatically or by someone). I sent an email to but did not get any answer. Is someone still maintaining this website?

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Runway numbers are changed

Current Runwy number 02-20. Incorrect in database.

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My mga IO talagang mga piste! As in piste! Gusto sigiro padulas or what. Barumbado pa kong magtanong. Dress appropriately kasi ngmamata ang mga yan.

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I was offloaded 2x byaheng europe. Sa mga nagbabalak po na umalis kong wala kang capacity meaning sarili mo mahirapan ka talagang maka alis. 2nd po. Kapag may sponsor kayo dapat ang sponsor ay mismo taga roon sa pupuntahan ninyo. Di ibig sabihin na lumad taga doon. Kahit kamag anak ninyo na taga doon.

Sa mga papaalis pa lang at hindi po alam ang mga req. Maglapag kayo ng email add. Email ko sa inyo.

Hindi po ito escort ah. Wag po tayong sumugal sa ganyan.

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Zhuqi heliport,the base of Fuzhou police

It is a heliport that for civil , police and rescue.It is a controlled airport but aren't equipped with ILS. The police helicopter,Ec155,will take off to petrol. An KA-32 and Mi-8 always park here.

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This airport has an NDB:

BR -... .-. 388 kHz

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Pegasus closed 2016

Pegasus Airfield was last used Dec 2016 and has since been replaced with Phoenix Airfield (NZFX) in 2017.

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Looking For Immigration Escort

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