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I've given this a provisional name based on the location, but I've come up with the same problem as @im -- not mapped, no data available. More research needed.

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Crowded airport

I have been to the San Diego airport several times to drop my mom it is a very crowded airport but still the management here works very fast we didn't have to stand in line for a long time.

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Landed in SR22T G6

Very bumpy surface, I’d say its “iffy” for a Cirrus with wheel pants. Incredible spot, short walk to wonderful beach, tie downs and picnic tables on site. Need to sign a waiver and agreement with the operator before landing.

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Pembrey NDB removed from service

Pembrey NDB has been removed from service and should be removed from the airport entry on this site

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Airport elevation is 3400 feet AMSL not 1036 feet

Airport elevation is 3400 feet AMSL not 1036 feet

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re: Willing to pay

Replying to @Gelly: pm me gelly at 09473899186 hope i can help

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Willing to pay

Hi who can help me para makalabas ppuntang dubai. I was offloaded yesterday. Willing to pay po. Name your price

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UYEM HELIPORT belongs to Turkish GDF, used as a base to Fire Management B429s, it has 11 landing locations and 1 hangar.


UYEM HELİKOPTER PiSTİ, OGM tarafından B429 yangın yönetim helikopterleri için bir üs işlevindedir, heliportta 11 iniş noktası ve 1 hangar bulunmaktadır.

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(no subject)

Alanya/Keşefli'de bulunan bu helikopter pisti Orman Genel Müdürlüğüne aittir ve sezon boyunca bu pistte konuşlu yangın söndürme helikopteri bulunmaktadır.


This helipad belongs to Turkish General Directorate of Forestry and there is a helicopter located at the helipad at the fire season, helipad is at Alanya/Keşefli

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new airport

this airport is the old one, the new airport (Malaya Kura Airport) was created and u can see it in the satellite imagery(theres a plane parked there). the new airport's code is ZF3K, its a 500 ft/m (idk) long dirst runway

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FAA oddity - a CA coded airport in Nevada

Per Airnav:


Since it's not actually in California, I have corrected the data to reflect that it is indeed closer to Dyer, Nevada.

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Army National Guard Helicopter LZ

Used for landings in support of frequent Texas ANG helicopter operations at this lake.

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(no subject)

Hello! How to download these georeferenced satellite images?

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It only took a decade ... but yeah, we're all good here now.

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Good gas stop

Must have been an old military base. Massive runway. ForeFlight said fair condition but I would say it was good

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Great restaurant!

Stopped to meet my brother and sister-in-law. The restaurant gave us a bowl of water for our dogs. Very friendly

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(no subject)

My instructor pointed out this field a while ago, and every time I fly above it - it does look like an airport. I tried simulated engine failure to approach in this airfield but it's pretty steep on one end and very close to Livermore on the other. Not sure if this is a private field or maybe it never went into operation. Could not find any information about it either

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good gas stop

TWO avgas pumps!!

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Pantanaella airfield

is a hold american base.

464th Bombardment Group, (B-24 Liberator), March – 21 April 1944; 1 June 1944 – May 1945

465th Bombardment Group, (B-24 Liberator), April 1944–June 1945

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May you share HLLM NOTAM

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Great gas stop!

Loved stopping here for gas, classic small town airport

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Smooth landing

This airport had one of the smoothest runways I’ve landed on!

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(no subject)

Visited May 31, 2021. Courtesy car available, but we didn’t use it. Terminal entry door for pilots is on parking lot side of building.

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Not Functional

The aiport is no longer functional. It's been converted to a flea market and landing there would be virtually impossible.

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Nice place to go

I am here for a few days to finish up my private certificate. Will probably consider coming back to get commercial and IFR.

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Airstrip reopened!

Although not listed on Portuguese AIP's official sources yet (specifically the 'VFR Manual'), this airstrip has been reopened and certified since 2019 for ultra light/sport aircraft

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Occasionally still used by the military. Civil use must have prior approval of Commander Army Training Group.

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This airstrip was converted to residential dwellings in 2017-18.

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The airstrips on Mt Tarawera haven't been used or maintained in many years, are on a protected site.

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The grass airstrip on Matakana Island was converted to farmland quite a few years ago.

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Signed as closed and for sale. Gliderport field is overgrown and now dotted with bushes. Checked in-person 15 May 2021.

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Gyrofield, you say?

Per this exceptional decade-long blog featuring WW2 Japanese installations (the link for this particular location is here but is in Japanese), this was the staging area for the use of Kayaba Ka-1 (reverse-engineered Kellett KD-1) observation autogyros which were used here primarily for submarine spotting.

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Repurposing duplicate

Reusing Snyder Airport duplicate to cover nearby hospital heliport.

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(no subject)

Terminal interior is being renovated. Looks like a few year job. Runway is very good.

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Independent Helicopters (76NY) now under KSWF airspace

new site added Jun2020

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Per Wikipedia

TXL saw its last flight on 8 November 2020 after all traffic had been transferred gradually to the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport until this date. It has been legally decommissioned as an airfield after a mandatory transitional period on 4 May 2021. All government flights were also relocated to the new airport with the exception of helicopter operations which will stay at a separate area on the northern side of Tegel Airport until 2029.

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Beutiful New Airport BUT

Not maned no office no bathroom beware

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Great AIrport

Quick fuel turnaround

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re: Baka po may ka kilala ka yan

Reply to @ms.jhaye2012: pls pm me 09473899186

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tree of neem

is good in and around of jharkhand west bangal bihar

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eilat is

closed :(

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poor shape

this airport is in poor condition, not sure if its really even open as there were small X's on the runway

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$309 for a bonanza. not as bad as SFO's $365

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Bka po pwde mg escort bound to dubai

Anyone that can escort for the flight to dubai to avoid offloading po.

Meron na po ako history travel to dubai pero ngayon wala akong affidavit of support ksi wala akong pamilya doon.

Anyone that can help po pls email me @

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Needs TLC

The terminal building really needs some cleaning and TLC. Runway is in good shape.

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Can you imagine an airport here?

Per, "[approx: 37-43-22N, 119-38-09W] (19??-19??) 1927 = W of Yosemite Village; "approximately 1300' square grass field, very dangerous." 1928 = (L) (Standard Oil ad, WnFly 1/28). 19?? = (R) Closed to flying activity." The listed coordinates place this at El Capitan Meadow! This does not appear to be listed on Freeman's Abandoned Airports site.

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Nice place to stop for lunch

Nice airport. Even though it's a bit out of town, it's a quick taxi ride into town.

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(no subject)

This is wonderful but it will be nice if you checkout updates trending now and here is one AND WITH THE

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How did that airframe in the satellite image arrive there?